Linux capable free/GPL SOFT CPU for XC3S500E?

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Wojciech Zabolotny

Nov 5, 2007, 5:11:37 PM11/5/07
Hi All,

I'm looking for a possibility to run Linux (may be a ucLinux) on a
XC3S500E containing CPU and some custom peripherials.
The hardware platform should be a Spartan3E Starter Kit (rev. D),
or something like this.

I have found the almost ready to use solution here:
but it is MicroBlaze based, which is not acceptable for me due to
licensing terms (which are even worse for the Ethernet MAC controller).
Has anybody tried to use the aeMB clone with the free OpenCores Ethernet
MAC controller with the MicroBlaze ucLinux?

The OpenRisc and LEON3 seem to be too big for XC3S500E (or at least I
was not able to trim them sufficiently for this FPGA).

The most preferable solution seem to be a CPU which has a standard
instruction set (e.g. Plasma, which is MIPS I compatible), because in
this case the toolchain is well supported.

However I could not find any information if it is possible to run Linux
on the Plasma (or mips789) SOFT CPU.
Has anybody any experience in that subject?

There is an ideal solution announced on the OpenCores:
But it is only an idea (Development status :: alpha)
TIA & Regards,
Wojtek Zabolotny

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