OT: plug and pray webcam on windows xp

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Jun 9, 2022, 8:09:50 PMJun 9
Moments ago I posted this only to SED, then remembered the chances
someone could help here are perhaps higher (unless the groups overlapp
completely nowadays....). Anyway, separate post but same, here it goes:

A somewhat moronic question but well, perhaps someone has been there
and done it.
My old (also external) webcam which I use in order to look at my lab
when I am not there (USB connected to an old xp laptop) began to lose
its presence at times (gets back on app restart but well, I need it to
work when I am not there).
So I got a new one,
https://natec-zone.com/product/lori .

Wasted me a whole day today and no chance for xp to recognize it.
On the windows 10 laptop it just works; on the xp it stays unrecognized.
I tried all the obvious, installed various drivers etc., nothing.
Found a much longer version of upnphosts.dll (something like 300k,
mine was 182 or so), nothing.
I guess I'll give up on it and get another but... it does claim to work
with XP. Haven't tried to talk to the makers, I already wasted enough
time on that as it is.
So if by some chance someone knows something I can try - some particular
driver etc. - please help. I am far from a windows freak, I can manage
little more than what is obvious to me.
The windows xp is 32 bit as far as I can tell, the laptop is acer
extensa 5630Z (has no inbuilt camera, it is > 10 years old and its
main - if not sole - function is to operate the camera.....).
I know there are many alternative ways to do it, but it would be
nice if this thing would eventually work.

Dave Nadler

Jun 22, 2022, 11:16:57 AMJun 22
Hi Dimiter - I'm cleaning out my basement and find a set of unused
Logitech Orbit USB cameras for XP. I was about to toss them into
electronics recycling - yours if you want them!
Thankfully I have only one Windows XP VM remaining which I must use to
support an old product - and no camera needs!
See ya, Dave


Jun 22, 2022, 4:01:27 PMJun 22
Thanks David, really appreciated, but there is no need.
I wanted to replace the misbehaving camera for nostalgic reasons
(nostalgia related to the person because of whom I started using
it some 7 years ago in that mode). Now this camera behaves again,
has behaved for over a week (you tell me how come, was it the
camera or the xp laptop which has practically no other function).
And I connected the newly bought one to the 10 laptop, its view
duplicates - at higher quality - the view of the old one...
All this is just to keep me calm when out, we used to
not leave the house unattended unless really unavoidable (like
going to a hospital or the like). I could get some IP cameras but
these won't change much if anything, what am I going to do in case
I see what I don't want to see any different what I would do now.



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