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Paul E. Bennett

Jun 10, 2000, 3:00:00 AM6/10/00
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rye...@earthlink.net "Raymond Yeung" writes:

> I'm looking for a readable and thorough treatment on
> Distributed System Design, including redundancy
> coverage.
> Can anyone recommend one?

The explanatory sections of IEC61508 are not too bad if you want a
bit of info in this line for a Safety Related System. Not many of
the books I have seen discuss distributed processing well enough
to be considered a worthwhile read on the subject and the IEC61508
standard (even if you can only get the re-release copies) is about
as good as you'll get on that basis.

There are many ways of achieving distributed system designs which
will include redundancy, functional component oriented, control
and permit schemes and group and sub-group cell based architectures.
Which one is appropriate for an application rather depends on the
application. Apart from choosing appropriate communications media
and protocols each distributed node can be considered in isolation
for what it contributes to the overall scheme.

Apart from the standard above, there are probably a number of
conference and science papers that you should hunt down with regard
to integrity of communication links and protocols, (I2C, CAN,
SignalBus, TTP etc) that will all be worthy of consideration. The
Safety Critical Systems Club meetings have covered the topic at a
very rudimentary level but you may find other fora that have had
something a little more in-depth. If you don't find anything then
there are a few here who would be willing to open discussions of
the topic (including myself).

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