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Bela Lubkin

Sep 8, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/8/95
Archive-name: sco/ftp-sites
Posting-Frequency: irregular, but at least once every three months

This list is maintained by Bela Lubkin, <>. Updates,
additions and corrections are welcome. This version is from 95/09/08.

The most recent version may be obtained via anonymous FTP from:



New on 95/09/08: added,,,,,,,
: removed
: renamed
: contents of several sites updated

Criteria for selection: site contains compiled binaries or sources
specifically intended for SCO operating systems (Open Server, Open
Desktop, UNIX or XENIX). Sites which contain non-SCO-specific UNIX
sources are ubiquitous and do not need to be specially announced.

If someone could create an SCO-specific Archie server indexing the
specified sites and directories below, it would be much appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE that many of these FTP sites are maintained by
individuals, not by the organizations whose networks they use. The
organizations generally should not be held responsible for the
contents, maintenance or continued existence of the sites.

=== Hardware vendor sites which may contain driver software ================= (Hewlett-Packard Corp.) Verified 95/03/28
pub/computer_products/network SCO drivers for HP network cards
pub/computer_products/vectra_486_pentium SCO drivers for AMD PCSCSI (3Com Corp.) Verified 95/01/10
binaries/nw_adapters/drivers SCO drivers for 3Com products (BusLogic Corp.) Added 95/06/13
current SCO drivers for BusLogic products (Compaq Corp.) Verified 95/01/10
pub/SCO SCO drivers for Compaq products, other stuff (David Johnson, Computone Inc.) Updated 95/04/28
pub/bbs SCO drivers for Computone products (Diamond Multimedia Systems,
pub/drivers X drivers in subdirectories Verified 95/03/22 (Ken Germann, Digiboard Inc.)
drivers/sco_unix SCO UNIX drivers for Digiboard products
drivers/sco_xenix SCO XENIX drivers for Digiboard products (Hewlett-Packard Corp.) Verified 95/03/30
temp SCO drivers for HP Netserver peripherals (Ositech Communications) Added 95/06/13
pub/jod SCO drivers for Ositech PCMCIA modem & ethernet cards (Tom Adams, Matt Hymowitz, Standard Microsystems Corp.)
pub SCO drivers for SMC products (Specialix) Added 95/09/08
public/specialix SCO drivers for Specialix products (in "svr3" directories) (Specialix) Added 95/09/08
pub/specialix SCO drivers for Specialix products (in "svr3" directories) (Stallion Technologies Inc.) Added 95/05/11
drivers SCO drivers for Stallion products (Symbios Logic, formerly NCR Microelectronics)
pub/ncrchips/scsi/drivers/sco Verified 95/03/23
SCO drivers for Symbios Logic (NCR) SCSI host adapters (Racal InterLan) Verified 94/12/20
/ SCO drivers for Racal InterLan products ( Could not reach 95/08/09
pub UNSUPPORTED BETA SCO drivers for Racal InterLan products

=== Sites which contain compiled software for SCO systems =================== (Rev. Michael P. Deignan)
Software ported to SCO, biz.sco.sources archive, HAM info
(See mirrors below -- please don't burden anomaly's narrow Internet feed) (Nelson Martin <>) Added 95/09/08
pub perl5, pgp, mounted copy of Skunkware 5 [VERY SLOW LINK] T.C. Zhao <> Added 95/09/08
pub/xforms/sco XForms (X GUI toolkit & builder) (A.J.Annala) Could not reach 95/09/08
pub/sco-ports Software ported to SCO (IRC II) (John DuBois, Verified 95/06/02
pub Software ported to or written for SCO (Bill Campbell, Updated 95/06/02
Software ported to SCO (all sorts)
pub/mailing-lists Archives of biz.sco, comp.unix.sco, other mailing lists (Compaq Corp.) Verified 95/01/27
pub/SCO/apps Software ported to SCO (Internet access tools) (Jakob Steen Hansen, Updated 95/06/13
pub/mirror Partial mirrors of, Updated 95/06/13
pub/SCO Partial (sparse) mirror of
pub/unix/sco Software ported to SCO (slurp 1.10 passive nntp client) (Ken Germann, Digi Inc.) Updated 95/09/08
pub/sco-ports Software ported to SCO (imap)
users/robertl/scods Full GNU development system for OpenServer Release 5 only
Docs at
(Note: same as what's on Skunkware 5, but Robert's copy may be newer) (Chris Ruprecht,
pub/sco Partial mirror of
pub/sco/binaries Software ported to SCO (all sorts) Verified 95/06/02
pub/unix/driver/fas Home of FAS "Final Async Solution" serial driver.
pub/unix/386ix/xenix Software ported to SCO (XENIX) (Murray S. Kucherawy) Verified 95/01/27
pub/sco Software ported to SCO (mail, news, pop, imap, net stuff) Added 95/05/11
pub/samba SAMBA (LAN Manager clone) (Brian Lane, Updated 95/09/08
pub/sco Partial mirror of
pub/sco/ports tcl, expect, sendmail, metamail, deliver, tcp wrappers,
wuftpd, zip/unzip, less, gdbm, gmake, flex (Greg Martz <>)
pub/sco-ports Software ported to SCO (Paul Fischer,
pub/Sco Various stuff Verified 95/06/02
opennet/Sco HTML marketing stuff, plus rearranged mirror of
(other dirs) Vendor drivers etc. of interest are scattered around ( Verified 95/06/02
pub/SCO Software ported to SCO
pub/sco-fixes Partial mirror of (SCO, (if unreachable, try
EDU Information about SCO educational programs
Forum Information about SCO Forum (yearly conference)
HCH SCO Hardware Compatibility Handbook
SLS SCO Support Level Supplements
EFS SCO Enhanced Feature Supplements
Supplements Other SCO supplements (maintenance supplements etc.)
Term Updated termcap/terminfo terminal support files
TLS Unsupported: "Technical Library Supplements"
Skunk Unsupported: SCO Skunkware 2.0 contributed software CD
Games Unsupported: games Verified 95/06/02 (Aris Stathakis, Updated 95/06/02
pub/sco Software ported to SCO, including apache 0.6.1, gopher
2.1, ircII 2.4, ncsa httpd 1.4, ncftp 1.9.1, slirp 0.9k ( Verified 95/03/28
tex-archive/systems/unix/sco SCO ports of TeX and GNU groff utilities.
pub/VXP VXP (Visual X Window Programming Interface) (Ken Germann,
pub/sco-ports Software ported to SCO ( Verified 95/01/23
pub/vendors/sco Mirror of Added 95/09/08
pub/irc/clients/compiled ircII binaries (Chip Rosenthal, Added 95/06/13
pub/sco-xenix Utilities for SCO XENIX (SCO,
vendor/sco Official mirror of (Forrie Aldrich, Tom Fitzgerald, William J. Smith)
pub/sco gcc 2.5.8, bind 4.9.2, gcpio 2.3, emacs 19.28,
gzip 1.2.4, ispell 3.1.13 Verified 94/12/19 (Stuart Lynne, Gary Gunderson)
pub/SCO Mirror of
pub/wimseypd Software ported to SCO, custom-installable (all sorts)
Various other directories of interest (Ed Hew, Geoff Scully, Vance Shipley) Updated 95/05/11
pub Software ported to SCO (all sorts)
pub/news Archives of comp.unix.sco.* and older biz.sco news groups (XFree86 team; Jerry Whelan)
pub/XFree86 XFree86 X server
(mirror sites all over the world, documented as you log in) (Jean-Pierre Radley <>) Added 95/09/08
pub less, mawk, patch, Taylor UUCP, apache, ncftp, pidentd,
u386mon, xc, etc. Updated 95/09/08
kermit/bin/*sco* Official home of Kermit binaries for various systems (Earl H. Kinmonth) Updated 95/09/08
pub/sco Software ported to SCO
pub/sco/anomaly Mirror of (+ other additions)
pub/sco/soils Mirror of (defunct)
pub/sco/soils/rpjday GNU stuff incl. best attempt at ODT 3.0 no-devsys devsys
pub/sco/skunk Mounted SCO Skunkware 2.0 CD ROM Added 95/09/08
(no ftp access) Samba binaries (Bruno Haible) Verified 95/04/26
pub/lisp/clisp/binaries Common LISP (Brett Spengler <>)
pub/sco-ports Software ported to SCO Verified 95/01/25 (Eduard Vopicka)
pub/vendor/SCO/ports Software ported to SCO (bash, perl, wuftpd, kermit...)
may also mirror in some directory... (Rev. Michael P. Deignan)
sco Mirror of
pub/sco Software ported to SCO (GNU & Internet utils) (Bill Welliver <>) Added 95/09/08
pub/sco ImageMagick, Mosaic, apache, ghostscript, gwstat, libbsd,
perl, pine, qi, wwwstat, xmgr (Lee McLoughlin)
computing/systems/unix/sco-archive Mirror of
pub Other directories may have some software ported to SCO Added 95/05/11
pub/utilities/sco Software ported to SCO (gcc)
pub/xenix Software ported to SCO (XENIX) (Vic Abell, Verified 95/09/07
pub/tools/unix/lsof Official home of lsof (LiSt Open Files), inc. SCO binary

=== Sites which contain "demo" software for SCO systems ===================== Added 95/06/13
MetaCard Demo version of MetaCard hypertext development environment Verified 94/12/20
quest/unix/servers/popper/old/sco Popper server
vendor/vital Demo edition of CRISP programmable editor

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