Artificial Consciousness: Internet Wide Effort

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Christopher McKinstry

Jul 5, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/5/96

Internet Wide Effort to Create an Artificial Consciousness:

Some of you may recall my posting some months back titled 'Tomography of
if not, there's a copy at :

The proposal is simple, but requires a vast amount of data. Something
that is only feasable through the internet. Specifically what is needed
are 'MIST Item Pairs'. A MIST pair is a textual stimulus paired
with a binary response. The response must be stable over a random sample
of universtiy educated, english speaking adults (which is what they will
be validated against). Some examples could be:

- You are human : True
- The Earth Orbits the Sun: True
- People Have three arms: False
- The President of the United States Stated today at a White House Press
Conference, "I think that Bob Dole
should be President." : False

Only if many, many people spend a moment to give the system data via the
form at do we have a hope of
completeing this project.

Please, Please, Please give this effort some data.
It will only take a moment.

Better yet, give us lots of data. Pretend you're talking to an entity
and you are trying to determine if it is
human or not. Ask questions you think will help you tell the difference.
Ask a lot of questions.

K. Christopher McKinstry
-Mankind has yet to see a random number...
-AI researchers, Win $10,000

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