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Al Whaley

May 14, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/14/96

NL-KR Digest Tue May 14 07:30:51 PDT 1996 Volume 15 No. 26

Today's Topics:

Announcement: Human Lang. Tech. Book, Oregon Grad. Inst.
Announcement: Autumn School of GLDV, Sept 96, Magdeburg
Position: computational linguist, Sussex
Announcement: NLDB'96 NL in Info Sys, Jun 96, Amsterdam
Announcement: Information Exploration Shootout, U. Mass-Lowell

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From: (Vince Weatherill)
Subject: Announcement: Human Lang. Tech. Book, Oregon Grad. Inst.
Date: 9 May 1996 17:59:40 GMT

A book entitled "Survey of the State of the Art of Human Language Technology"
is now available at .

The survey consists of articles by 97 authors in the following

1. Spoken Language Input
2. Written Language Input
3. Language Analysis and Understanding
4. Language Generation
5. Spoken Output Technologies
6. Discourse and Dialogue
7. Document Processing
8. Multilinguality
9. Multimodality
10. Transmission and Storage
11. Mathematical Methods
12. Language Resources
13. Evaluation

Within a few months, the Survey will be published as a book by
Giardini Publishers in Italy and by Cambridge University Press
elsewhere. The electronic version of the Survey will remain on-line,
but will be modified slightly based on copy-editing by the publishers.

The Survey was funded by the National Science Foundation and the
European Commission, with additional support provided by the Center
for Spoken Language Understanding at the Oregon Graduate Institute and
the University of Pisa.


Editorial Board

Ron Cole Editor-in-Chief
Joseph Mariani
Hans Uszkoreit
Annie Zaenen
Victor Zue

Managing Editors

Giovanni Battista Varile
Antonio Zampolli


Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 08:24:42 +0200
From: hart...@hp827.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE (Knut Hartmann)
Subject: Announcement: Autumn School of GLDV, Sept 96, Magdeburg

First Announcement

Herbstschule (autumn school) of the
Gesellschaft f"ur linguistische Datenverarbeitung
(GLDV; association for linguistic data processing)

Challenges for computational linguistics:
coping with multiple languages, media and sciences

September 23 - 27, 1996
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

courses: (5 lessons, 1 1/2 hours each)

Elisabeth Andre'
(German Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbr"ucken)
(DFKI Saarbr"ucken)
Intelligent Multimedia Userinterfaces

John Batemann (GMD Darmstadt)
Multilingual Multilingual Text Generation for
Information Systems

Hans Haller (IAI Saarbr"ucken)
Elements of Quality Assurance on Texts:
Controlled Language and Grammar Checking Programs

Roland Hausser (University of Erlangen-N"urnberg)
Semantic Parsing

Chris Mellish (University of Edinburgh)
Applied Automatic Generation of Texts and

Dietmar R"osner (University of Magdeburg)
Knowledge Representation with Terminological Logics

All but Chris Mellishs courses will be held in German,
therefor a basic knowlege of German language is required.

We try to provide scholarships for -- primarily -- students
from Eastern Europe. Please send your application
to the address below.

Registration Fees before 30 June, 1996
Members of GLDV Nonmembers
students: 80,-- DM 100,-- DM
others : 120,-- DM 150,-- DM

Registration Fees after 30 June, 1996
Members of GLDV Nonmembers
students: 120,-- DM 160,-- DM
others : 140,-- DM 200,-- DM

Further information including abstracts of the
courses, a list of hotels and their prices,
a description of the location
together with a registration form
will soon be available on the homepage of
autumn school '96 at

If you want to book a bed in the youth hostel,
please note it on the registration form.

Otto-von-Guericke Universit"at Magdeburg
Institut f"ur Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme
Prof. Dr. Dietmar R"osner
Universit"atsplatz 2
D-39106 Magdeburg

tel: +49/391/67-1 87 18
fax: +49/391/67-1 20 18


Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 11:12:00 -0400
From: Ted Briscoe <>
Subject: Position: computational linguist, Sussex



We are looking for one - preferably postdoctoral - research assistant
to work on the CEC-funded LRE project SPARKLE in collaboration with
groups in Pisa, Stuttgart, Sharp (UK), Xerox (France), and Daimler
(Germany) on `Shallow parsing and (lexical) knowledge extraction for
language engineering'.

Applicants should be able to program in Lisp and/or C and have knowledge
of research in statistical and/or unification/constraint-based
computational linguistics. Our component of the research involves further
development of a robust statistical parsing system and of a system for
acquiring lexical information about the argument structure of predicates
from textual corpora utilising the robust parser.

Applicants will be paid on a scale commensurate with RA(1A) (salary 15986
UK pounds at age 27) and should be able to start full-time work on the
project between July and October 1996, for a period of 2-3 years. The post
will be based at Cambridge and the research will involve close collaboration
with a second RA at Sussex University. The grant includes provision
for project and conference travel. Further details can be obtained by
email from the first grant-holder, below. Applications should be submitted
via email and should include a latex source/postscript CV and the names
and email addresses of three referees.

Dr. E.J. Briscoe (
Computer Laboratory,
University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. J. Carroll (
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences,
University of Sussex, UK


Date: Thu, 9 May 96 10:20:25 MET DST
From: Hans Burg <>
To: a...@Sunnyside.COM
Subject: Announcement: NLDB'96 NL in Info Sys, Jun 96, Amsterdam



Second International Workshop on Applications
of Natural Language to Information Systems

26-28 June, 1996

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Colleagues,

NLDB'96 is the second International Workshop on Applications of
Natural Language to Information Systems.
This year it will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 26-28 June,
continuing the successful first edition of last year when NLDB was held
in Versailles, France.

The three-day workshop consists of a scientific programme including 22
paper presentations, and some poster and demo presentations. The
papers have been carefully selected by the programme committee through a
thorough reviewing process. The papers are of high academic quality
and treat the following topics: natural language interfaces to databases,
information retrieval, use of linguistic tools and electronic dictionaries,
conceptual modelling, paraphrasing and validating information system
models, the use of natural language as a specification interface for
the design of information systems, linguistic aspects of database view
integration and hypertext facilities for database querying.
The programme also features keynote speeches that address typical applications
of natural language, and that are presented both from a
scientific as well as an industrial perspective by Peter Chen, the inventor
of the ER model, and Gerald Kristen, the founder of the KISS company.

The organizers of NLDB'96 look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!

Hans Burg (Organizing Chair)
Reind van de Riet (Programme Chair)

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: Hans Burg (
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31-(0)20-444 7769, fax: +31-(0)20-444 7653

Mokrane Bouzeghoub PRiSM, U. of Versailles, France
Jon Atle Gulla GMD Darmstadt, Germany
Anton Nijholt U. of Twente, The Netherlands
Reind van de Riet Vrije U., The Netherlands
Bram van der Vos Vrije U., The Netherlands

Programme Committee:

Chairman: Reind van de Riet,
Vrije U., The Netherlands

Ana Paula Ambrosio U. of Goias, Brazil
Elisa Bertino U. di Milano, Italy
Mokrane Bouzeghoub PRiSM, U. of Versailles, France
Janis Bubenko U. of Stockholm, Sweden
Hans Burg Vrije U., The Netherlands
Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau Essec, France
Roland Dachelet Inria, France
Jan Dietz U. of Delft, The Netherlands
Frank Dignum U. of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Paul McFetridge Simon Fraser U., Canada
Christian Fluhr CEA, France
Sabine Geldof Vrije U. Brussels, Belgium
Jon Atle Gulla GMD Darmstadt, Germany
Henri Habrias U. of Nantes, France
Kees Koster U. of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Jean-Noel Meunier PRiSM, U. of Versailles, France
Elisabeth Metais PRiSM, U. of Versailles, France
Anton Nijholt U. of Twente, The Netherlands
Erich Ortner U. of Konstanz, Germany
James Pustejovsky Brandeis U., USA
Anne de Roeck U. of Essex, UK
Bram van der Vos Vrije U., The Netherlands
Hans Weigand U. of Brabant, The Netherlands
Chien-ho Wu NDMC, Taiwan

Sponsored By:

Kiss B.V.
Elsevier Science B.V.

Preliminary Programme:

Wednesday 26 June

09.30 Registration and Opening
10.00 Keynote Speech: English, Chinese, and ER Diagrams
Peter P. Chen
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 Natural and Formal Languages in the Development of
Information Systems
A.T. Berztiss
12.00 Analyzing Informal Requirements Specifications:
A First Step towards Conceptual Modelling
J.F.M. Burg, R.P. van de Riet
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Paraphrasing as a Technique to Support Object-Oriented
C.F. Derksen, P.J.M. Frederiks, Th.P. van der Weide
14.30 Exploring Fact Verbalisations for Conceptual Query
A.H.M. ter Hofstede, H.A. Proper, Th.P. van der Weide
15.00 Tea break
15.30 An Information Retrieval Approach to Locating Information
in Large Scale Federated Database Systems
R. Richardson, A.F. Smeaton
16.00 Metalinguistic Formulas and Semantics Representation of
Knowledge in Training Simulators
G. Le Bail, R. Cousin, P. Capdeville

Thursday 27 June

09.00 Hypertext Facilities to Document Conceptual Database
G. Levreau, M. Bouzeghoub
09.30 Audio Facilities for Hypermedia Consultation
S. Djennane, F. Sedes
10.00 Hyper-Text Generation from Databases on the Internet
S. Geldof
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Retrieving Conceptual Models on the Basis of Word Semantics
J.A. Gulla, A.J. van der Vos, U. Thiel
11.30 Conceptual Modelling, Indexing and Retrieval for Textual
Corporate Knowledge Bases
G.P. Zarri
12.00 Extraction of Exact Meaning Using a Keyfact Concept System
M.-S. Jeon, S.-Y. Park, M.-S. Kim
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Structured Data Entry for Medical Records and Reports
J. Bernauer, A. Benneke, A. Fuesechi, M. Urban
14.30 Natural Language Interpretation for Public Administration
Database Querying in the TAMIC Demonstrator
C. Bagnasco, P. Bresciani, B. Magnini, C. Strapparava
15.00 Natural Language Interfaces for Environmental Data Bases
F. Dinenberg, D. Levin

Friday 28 June

09.00 Capturing Information on Behaviour with the RADD-NLI:
A Linguistic and Knowledge Based Approach
E. Buchholz, A. D u sterh o ft, B. Thalheim
09.30 NL Structures and Conceptual Modelling: The KISS Case
J. Hoppenbrouwers, A.J. van der Vos, S. Hoppenbrouwers
10.00 A Basis for Natural Language Analysis of Part-Whole
Relationships in Fact-Based Conceptual Modelling
P. Gupta, J.A. Sykes
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 NTS-based derivation of KCPM cardinalities:
From Natural Language to Conceptual Predesign
G. Fliedl, Ch. Kop, W. Mayerthaler, H.C. Mayr, Ch. Winkler
11.30 Keynote Speech: Understanding Business Languages
Gerald Kristen
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Linguistic Tool Based Information Elicitation in Large
Heterogeneous Database Networks
S. Milliner, M. Papazoglou, H. Weigand
14.30 Correspondency Analysis of Dynamic Schema Constructs Using
Case Grammar
S. Hakkarainen
15.00 Implementation of a Third Generation View Integration Tool
E. Metais, Z. Kedad, I. Comyn-Wattiau, M. Bouzeghoub
15.30 Closure


The proceedings of the workshop, published by IOS Press, will be
available at the workshop.


Registration of participants will be handled by the Conference
Service of the Vrije Universiteit (VU).

Early Registration (paid before 1 June 1996) NLG 500,--

Late Registration (paid after 1 June 1996) NLG 550,--

To qualify for early registration the application form and payment must
be received by the VU Conference service no later than 1 June 1996


The symposium will be held in Amsterdam, in the Science Building of
the Vrije Universiteit (Free University). De Vrije Universiteit is
located in the southwestern part of Amsterdam, close to Schiphol
International Airport and the symposium hotels. There are good railway
and bus connections between the Vrije Universiteit, the hotels and the


The official symposium language will be English.

Social Event:

There will be ample opportunity to meet with colleagues and friends
during the breaks and the social activities.

On Thursday afternoon there will be a cruise through the famous
Amsterdam canals. This cruise will take you to one of the historical sites of
Amsterdam: Museum Amstelkring, "Our Lord in the Attic". A 17th century
attic church, which now houses a museum. Here, a small reception, courtesy
of the Amsterdam City Council, will be held.

>From there we shall take a short walk to the "Amsterdam Brouwhuis
Maximiliaan". This is a brewery which dates from the middle ages
where real ale is still being made in a traditional way. We shall have a
guided tour through the brewery, taste some home made beer and have dinner.

This programme is free for registered participants. Tickets should be
ordered in advance on the registration form.


The official housing bureau, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, has reserved
hotel rooms at special congress rates. Enclosed you will find an
application form for hotel reservations.

Important dates and addresses:

1 June 1996 Deadline for early registration and hotel reservation
26 - 28 June 1996 NLDB'96

For information about programme and abstracts:

Hans Burg
De Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)20 4447769
fax: +31 (0)20 4447653

For information about registration:

University Conference Service
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)20 4445790
fax: +31 (0)20 4445825

For information about hotels:

Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Mrs. A. van der Kooij
Dam 19
1012 JS Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0)20 6241361
fax: +31 (0)20 6235107

More Information:

More and up-to-date information is available at:

Related Workshop:
Succeeding the NLDB'96 workshop the related LAP'96 (Language Action
Perspective) workshop will be held in Tilburg, The Netherlands. More
information on this communication oriented workshop can be found

Second International Workshop on Applications
of Natural Language to Information Systems
26-28 June, 1996
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(please write in capital letters or use a typewriter and make a copy for
your own record)
Hotel Reservation Form

Please complete and return this form before 1 June 1996 to:
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Dam 19
1012 JS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)20 6241361, fax: +31 (0)20 6235107

Family name: ________________________ Initials: ________________ M / F

First name(s): ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Postal code and City: _______________________________________________

Country: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________ Fax: __________________________

Please reserve on my behalf for _______ nights

Single room ____ Twinbedded room ____

Date of Arrival: _______________ Date of Departure: _______________

Category* Single room Twinbedded room
*(please indicate)
A NLG 220,-- / NLG 260,-- NLG 250,-- / NLG 320,--
B NLG 160,-- / NLG 220,-- NLG 200,-- / NLG 250,--
C NLG 120,-- / NLG 160,-- NLG 150,-- / NLG 200,--

Rates stated above are per room, per day and include breakfast, services
and taxes. All rooms have private facilities.

A deposit of NLG 200,-- per room is required and has to be remitted in advance.
Upon receipt of this amount, the hotel reservation will be confirmed and a
hotel deposit voucher will be sent, less NLG 25,-- for reservation and bank
charges. The value of the voucher will be deducted from your final hotel
bill. Refunds will be made for cancellations received by Carlson Wagonlit
Travel before 15 June 1996.

* Remitted by enclosed cheque, payable to Carlson Wagonlit Travel
(personal cheques cannot be accepted)

* Remitted to Carlson Wagonlit Travel, account number
with ABN/AMRO Bank, Amsterdam, indicating NLDB '96

* I authorise withdrawal of NLG 200,-- from my:
0 Master / 0 Euro / 0 Visa / 0 Access / 0 American Express card

No: _________________________________________ Expiry date:__________________

DATE: _________________________ SIGNATURE: ___________________
Second International Workshop on Applications
of Natural Language to Information Systems
26-28 June, 1996
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(Please write in capital letters or use a typewriter and make a copy for your
own record)


Family name: __________________ Title: ________ Initials: ________ M/F

Company or Institute: ________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Postal code and City: ________________________________________________

Country: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________ Fax: _________________________________

0 Early fee, NLG 500,-- paid before 1 June 1996 NLG _________

0 Late fee, NLG 550,-- paid after 1 June 1996 NLG _________

0 Reception/dinner (27 June)* NLG free
total NLG

* if you would like to attend the reception/dinner, please tick the box

Registration will not be valid until the required fee has been received.
All payments must be made in Dutch currency (NLG). Please, indicate your
name and address clearly on all money transfers.

Mode of payment:
* by enclosed cheque(s), payable to NLDB '96 (personal cheques cannot
be accepted, the amount per eurocheque should not exceed NLG 300,--)

0 remittance on __________ (date) to ABN-AMRO Bank, Amsterdam, account
number in favour of NLDB '96 (giro number of the bank
8238), through my bank: ___________________________________

0 by credit card: 0 American Express 0 Diners Club 0 Eurocard 0 MasterCard 0 Visa

card number: _______________________________ expiry date: _________________

In case of cancellation the total fee minus handling charges (NLG 75,--) will
be refunded, provided a written request is received by the VU Conference
Service before 20 June 1996.

DATE: _________________________ SIGNATURE: ___________________

Please return this registration form to:
VU Conference Service
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)20 4445790, fax: +31 (0)20 4445825


From: (Patrick Hoffman)
Subject: Announcement: Information Exploration Shootout, U. Mass-Lowell
Date: 13 May 1996 16:54:19 GMT

Information Exploration Shootout (aka - Information Exploration Benchmarks)

Over the past year many users have requested more serious comparative
evaluations of the various data exploration techniques: analysis, knowledge
discovery and data mining, statistics and grand tours, database tools,
visualization, or combinations thereof.

We all recognize that mining for information and knowledge from large
databases and documents will be the next fundamental impact in database
systems, knowledge discovery, and visualization. This is considered an
important area for major cost savings and potential revenue, and it has
immediate applications in decision systems, intelligence, information
management, business, and communication-in the form of both on-line services
and the World Wide Web. Data mining now draws from fields including
databases, statistics, information technology, data visualization, and
artificial intelligence, especially machine learning and knowledge-based
systems. There is a clear sense that, to achieve the next increase
in knowledge exploitation, individual data exploration approaches must work

There have been promising developments. In 1995 a "shootout" was held for
the statistical community. The knowledge discovery in databases (KDD)
community has meanwhile made numerous data sets publicly available for timing
"benchmarks". There has not, however, been any comparative evaluation of
techniques across domains-and definitely none permitting hybrid approaches.

How does one discover information and knowledge in datasets-e.g., databases,
archives, document collections, television news reports, the Web? What
process do analysts and other data explorers use in discovering non-trivial
patterns? How do, or should, knowledge discovery, statistics, and
visualization work together to support the human exploration process? What
are the procedures for using visualization and analytic agents,in context
with the human operator, to achieve timely, computationally responsive
discoveries in data?

There is now a plethora of techniques to explore data. They range from
purely statistical approaches to neural networks, machine learning, and
knowledge discovery as batch processes. Integrated approaches use applied
perception (e.g., glyphs) with interactive grand tours, and purely geometric
systems such as parallel coordinates that, integrating little mathematics,
rely more on human participation. Which techniques are better? Which work
on what kind of data sets? Are certain combinations better? The questions

Several datasets have been identified and selected to be made publicly
available for exploration and discovery. The first dataset to be released
consists of human generated network intrusion attempts and a baseline
dataset with no intrusions. There were 4 intrusions over a period of time
and these have been tracked in separate datasets. Information explorers are
to discover these intrusions.

The second dataset to be released shortly thereafter will consist of
newspaper data set up as a collection of web pages.

GO to for further information and more details.

The results will be reviewed by a group that includes Georges Grinstein
(UMass Lowell and the MITRE Corporation), Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (GTE) and
Graham Wills (AT&T). The panelists and domain experts will discuss the data
sets and the reporting and selection mechanism, and will present their
preliminary analysis of the results at various conferences which include
KDD'96, the 9th Annual DAMA-NCR Data Management Symposium, and
IEEE Visualization'96 Conference. Credit to the participants will be
provided as well as copies of the results and various documents.

Any questions or comments can be emailed to: or
or below
Patrick Hoffman Institute for Visualization and Perception Research
University of Massachusetts-Lowell
(508)657-8878 Computer Science Department
(508)934-3384 One University Ave.,Lowell, MA 01854

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