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Nov 19, 2002, 12:58:45 AM11/19/02
I will be finishing up my Ph.D. program around May 2003 and I am
currently looking for an AI related job (research oriented). A
post-doctoral position is also welcome and relocation is no problem.

I have worked on various AI projects that require the techniques such
as neural networks, fuzzy logic, natural language processing, image
processing, database management, knowledge representation, etc. I took
statistics classes and a data mining class as they are also of my
I am very fluent in many programming languages including VC++, Java,
etc with years experiences.
I enjoy challenges and learning new things. Also I write many programs
for fun such as my own email program, a little A-life simulation, a
dany program using MS Speech SDK that I can talk to or be talked to.
Now I am working on a bot that I can have a conversation with.
If you are interested in working with me (or know someone who might
be), please feel free to ask for my CV and more info.

Thank you!


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