Call for Paper – The 7th International Workshop on Mobile Data Management, Mining, and Computing on Social Networks (MobiSocial 2022)

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Jui-Yi Tsai

Jan 28, 2022, 9:06:53 AMJan 28
Call for Paper – The 7th International Workshop on Mobile Data Management, Mining, and Computing on Social Networks (MobiSocial 2022)

Social network and mining research has advanced rapidly with the prevalence of the online social websites and instant messaging social communications systems. In addition, thanks to the recent advances in deep learning, many novel applications with mobile devices and social networks have been proposed and deployed. These social network systems are usually characterized by complex network structures and abundant contextual information. Moreover, by incorporating the spatial dimension, mobile and location-based social networks are now immersed in people’s everyday life via numerous innovative websites. In addition, mobile social networks can be exploited to foster many interesting applications and analysis, such as recommendations of locations and travel planning of friends, location-based viral marketing, community discovery, group mobility and behavior modeling.

The 7th International Workshop on Mobile Data Management, Mining, and Computing on Social Networks (MobiSocial 2022) will serve as a forum for researchers and technologists to discuss the state-of-the-art, present their contributions, and set future directions in data management, machine learning and knowledge mining for mobile social networks.

The topics of interest related to this workshop include, but are not limited to:

- Mobile sensing
- Deep learning for mobile social networks
- Blockchain for social networks
- Graph mining
- Contextual mobile social network analysis
- Storing, indexing and querying of graph data
- Distributed graph processing
- Mobile social interaction and personalized search
- Dynamics and evolution patterns of social networks, trend prediction
- Analysis and mining of location-based social networks
- Classification models and their applications in social recommender systems.
- Processing of social media stream
- Influence models and their applications in social environment.
- Competitive viral marketing
- Privacy and security in social networks
- Privacy-preserving and precision-aware protocol/algorithm design for epidemic data collection
- Mobile and distributed learning (e.g., federated learning, gossip learning, etc.) on Social Internet-o-Things (SIoTs) for epidemic source identification
- Advanced AI techniques to support timely interactivity data analysis for Metaverse
- Mobile healthcare
- Modeling trust and reputation in mobile social networks.
- Moving object tracking, indexing and retrieval for social applications
- Location and trajectory mining of social data
- Opinion mining for location related information
- Location privacy, data sharing and security
- Mobile and ubiquitous computing for location- based social networks
- Cloud computing for location-based social data
- Innovative mobile social networking applications
- Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on mobile social networks
- Model compression
- Cross-layer design for SIoT and contact networks, e.g., cross-layer interaction mining, cross-layer inference, federated multimodal search from interactive SIoT and contact networks, etc.
- Epidemiology-aware SIoT alarm to preventing and containing the epidemic spread, and mobility- and social-aware recommendation for trip, activity, and route with social distancing

Important Dates:
Paper submission deadline: March 25, 2022
Notification of acceptance: April 11, 2022
Camera-ready due: April 22, 2022
Workshop: June 6 (tentative)

Workshop website:
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