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[CFP] Frontiers in Big Data - Social Recommendation and Applications for Metaverse

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May 26, 2022, 1:10:14 AM5/26/22
Call For Papers - Frontiers in Big Data - Social Recommendation and Applications for Metaverse

Submission Deadline: 2022.06.01


Metaverse is regarded as one of the future Internet for business, socialization, entertainment, education in fully connected, immersive, and engaging online 3D virtual experiences. It serves as a new environment by blending physical and digital worlds for allowing users and avatars (i.e., digital twins) to interact with each other, providing infinite possibilities for innovative applications and poses new research challenges on data mining, database, computer graphics, and machine learning, because detailed user behaviors (e.g., social, commercial, mobility, computer vision, and computer graphics) in the digital universe can be fully regarded to facilitate advanced recommendations, prediction, queries, and social networks analysis according to multifacet data, whereas virtual world and physical world also influence each other with VR/AI/MR, 5G, blockchain, and edge computing.

The objective of this special issue is to bring together a global community of professionals, researchers, and technologists from both academia and industry to explore and share the state of-the-art development and applications and address the research challenges of the Metaverse with new theories, ideas, designs, frameworks, mechanisms, and technologies.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Economics, monetization, security, and online markets analysis for Nonfungible token (NFT) in Metaverse.
- Automated knowledge extraction, organization, and storage from omnidirectional video and multi-domain VR/AR/MR/XR data sources.
- Scalable AI for big data analytics in Metaverse, such as sparse learning and binary embedding.
- Multimodality in interactive and adaptive learning environments under multi-view display in VR/AR/MR.
- Multimedia analysis and knowledge infusion for scene understanding and view synthesis, e.g., item affordance analysis, support plane detection, and occlusion mask prediction, object rendering.
- 3D product recommendation in Metaverse with VR/AR/MR/XR according to computer graphics, e.g., occlusion constraints and instance affordance.
- Virtual routing and spatial queries in Metaverese, e.g., to prevent 3D motion sickness by leveraging advanced computer graphics techniques
(e.g., redirected walking, virtual-physical worlds alignment).
- Trajectory recommendation and geospatial prediction in Metaverse, e.g., to ensure user immersiveness by displaying scenes to prevent fear-ofmissing-out (FOMO) / optimize of joy-of-missing-out (JOMO).
- Security and privacy in the Metaverse, e.g., protection against Deepfakelike attacks and information access/retrieval for private data (eyes/motion trajectory, avatar, personal space, and interaction/transaction history), and privacy-preserving cybertwin architectures.
- Social recommendations in Metaverse, by event-triggered collective detection and prediction according to user locomotions and holistic fullbody dynamics, such as users’ eye-gaze track, gesture, reaction, facial expression, and embody feedback with computational behavior modeling.
- Social reputation and trust visualization through VR attention guide (e.g., brightness, marker), and misinformation and misbehavior analysis and detection for fake or disguised avatars in Metaverse.
- Psychologic intervention, mental healthcare, and cybersickness treatment in Metaverse, e.g., with social and gesture data analytics to identify malicious behaviors and cyberbullying.
- Collaborative Edge Computing (CEC) with Social Internet-of-Things for teleoperation and telepresence in AR/MR.

Kind regards,
Topic Editors of Social Recommendations and Applications for Metaverse.
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