AI Technology – The Final Frontier By: Joseph Simpson Jr

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Feb 27, 2019, 11:20:25 PM2/27/19
AI Technology is rapidly changing the world. Furthermore, this generation of 40-year old’s and under would actually be able to live to see scientists explore the final frontier due to quantum computing, deep machine learning, and AI technology. Upon digging into the history of advanced technology, people like Daniel Patrick McCurdy Sr., who helped create the “Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven” campaign, McCurdy did not realize that 7/11 was not just an important store, but it was an important date as well. For this is when ibn-Ziyad and his men of Moorish decent arrived in Europe on April 29. 711 AD, and changed the course of Spanish and Portuguese history by teaching them advanced technology in mathematics and science. In like manner, the mythical lost city of Atlantis that predates before the pharaohs, they too had advanced technology that superseded the primitive technology of their time. In retrospect, the Renaissance (i.e. The Golden era) and the industrial age in America were equally important in the advancement of technological breakthroughs. Being that, one took Europeans’ out of the dark ages, and the second transformed America into the greatest country in the world. One must say, these advances in technology have only helped society. Fast forward to today and AI technology also has the potential to catapult every person on the planet into living like the 1962 cartoon, "The Jetsons".
What’s equally important, AI technology due to the rapid growth in the industry, economically can be considered the new gold rush. In their article, Batin, Turchin, Markov, Zhila, and Denkenberger, (2017) states that “AI-related projects have increased dramatically in the last few years. Global AI startup financing reached $5 billion in 2016. The current market of AI in medicine is estimated at $1.1 billion and is expected to grow to $9.1 billion in the next decade. Major IT companies including Google, Facebook, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft nearly simultaneously established biomedical subdivisions because their leadership sees great potential for AI in healthcare” (p.1). Although some critiques feel AI technology can ruin the social structure of humanity and can be a catastrophic end to human existence, it should be fair to say, the future of humanity has always moved forward due to technological breakthroughs and AI technology shouldn’t be any different.
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