A change to user menu styling makes the prototip user menu break

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Dan Coutu

Dec 30, 2013, 3:53:45 PM12/30/13
to communi...@googlegroups.com
I find that if I change the styling, and in particular the font size or line height of the second_navlist (where I have the user-menu) then the user menu shows up nicely upon a hover action but cannot be used because a mouseout from the hover apparently doesn't cross into the user menu any more. A search of the code seems to indicate that the logic for the sizing and position of the user menu is within the prototip-min.js file. The code is there is pretty obscure and being minified makes it even harder to follow.

Is there a straightforward way to change the javascript so that I can get the user menu working again with my changed styling? So far it seems that my only choice is to change the css id value of the user-menu and setup my own prototip code to handle things. If that's the proper way to handle things then I will but I prefer to make minimal changes whenever possible so that updates to community engine will be less likely to break my code.


Dave Minor

Feb 5, 2014, 3:04:46 PM2/5/14
to communi...@googlegroups.com
This has frustrated me for a while too, Dan.  I was hoping to find a solution here.


Dan Coutu

Feb 6, 2014, 9:42:08 AM2/6/14
to communi...@googlegroups.com
I did finally solve it. I'm going back through my style sheet adjustments and believe that this is the one that did the trick:

#user-menu:hover #user-menu-tip {
    top: 14px;

Where of course you adjust the value of top to be what you need.

So this would go into your local styles.css.erb file in app/assets/stylesheets

Hope this helps,

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