David, can you modify this group to disallow posts from non-members please?

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Sep 20, 2009, 2:11:12 PM9/20/09
to Community Funded Reporting, Da...@spot.us
I've reported pornspammers here a few times but this is really silly.
These people generally don't have "profiles...." they have a spam
email account only.
They won't pass even a cursory spam test of any kind.

Can you shoot out a message to new members asking them what is their
interest in community-funded reporting?

That would do the trick...

David Cohn

Sep 21, 2009, 12:06:41 PM9/21/09
to Community Funded Reporting
I agree - those spam messages have been annoying.

We actually had it so only members could post. But we also had it set
so that anybody could join.

I just changed it so people have to request to join.

As you know: I prefer to make things open to everyone - and anyone
that requests will be allowed to join. But in an effort to fight spam,
we will not allow "anyone" (spam bots) to join this list.

Best - and thanks!!!

Big news coming tomorrow - Stay tuned!!!!

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