how to get web site name for a specific word

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Davood Hadiannejad

Jul 4, 2022, 5:17:02 AMJul 4
to Common Crawl
Is there a way to get web site name for a specific word, for example the word "ebik", I wanna write a script which search all web sites in Germany and lists the web sites that has the word 'ebik'

Sebastian Nagel

Jul 7, 2022, 11:07:22 AMJul 7
Hi Davood,

this is not a trivial task:
- you could get a list of URLs or site names by selecting
records in the .de top-level domain or with German ("deu")
content language using the Parquet index [1]
- alternatively, select records with "E-Bike" or similar concepts
in the URL. If a site is seriously about e-bikes, they likely
put the terms ("ebike", "e-bike", "pedelec", etc.), into the URL
following SEO recommendations.
- captured HTML pages can be fetched from the archives using the
provided WARC filename, record offset and length.

Searching directly the content web pages would require significantly
more resources.


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