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Jul 8, 2011, 4:46:09 PM7/8/11
to comicsbarcampbelfast
This is your space for laying out subjects that you can do justice on.
As these form, I or the soon arriving commttee will post them on the
Presentations for the sake of simplicity in planning will be 45
minutes. If they don't last that long, that's ok. It gives them plenty
of room to go over. We have the use of a dvd player, flipcharts, ipod
dock, and laptops for powerpoints (which could be uploaded after) I'm
also hoping we can stream the presentations to the interwebs.

I think I can do a fairly good piece on writer pitching based on a
recent pitch I sent Blank Slate which had very acceptance.. That said,
I may have dug a hole in the ground on the follow up script so someone
else may want to intercede.

I'd love to see plenty of stuff on Funding. I'm happy to talk about
Absence in this regard, but I think it's so vital we could have
several sessions. I've got some notes on Distribution without Diamond,
but again, I suspect someone else should have a go. I'd also like to
see sessions on how we can "promote an even playing field" in terms of
how smaller publishing ventures are not picked up by FPI or the press
(tho not the great FPI press) If anyone has any proposals for "A New
Convention Model", I'd love to hear them.

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