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Jul 8, 2011, 4:26:23 PM7/8/11
to comicsbarcampbelfast
Well, I've confirmed sponsorship from our hosts Blick Studios. The
condition of our getting a free venue for the day being we go on with
a Thursday or Monday. The initial discussion went around a Saturday
being more appropriate and Blick have agreed that if they can make a
space for us to pay for the venue, they'll sponsor us to for the tech
equipment and the tea and coffee. This works out about the same

The two dates Christine (James) is looking into are Saturday 27th
August and 3rd September. The venue is largely booked up for saturday
courses beginning after then.

Venue costs for the day are £150 and we'd need to get half that close
to booking and the other half on the day.

A chat at the Belfast pub meet the other night brought a few
suggestions for sponsor wrangling - FPI, StudioNI, Bradbury Graphics,
the Arts and Hobby Shop in the Victoria Sq centre.

The advice of Christine and Bruce (StudioNI) is not to complicate
matters. I'd still love to see everyone get barcamp mugs or some other
functional commemorative which contains all the sponsors details.
Vistaprint are too pricey and I've not had time to look into

Pens - ABout £85 for 50 on Vistaprint. Bruce is reckoning we could
strike a deal for free pencils for the book publishers barcode servce.
Post the link?

We should probably have a sponsor wrangler, but I'm content to let
everyone have a go. I don't know that it's one of my strengths.

Studio NI

Jul 19, 2011, 7:43:05 PM7/19/11
to comicsbarcampbelfast
On Jul 8, 9:26 pm, Andrew <drew.l...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Pens - ABout £85 for 50 on Vistaprint. Bruce is reckoning we could
> strike a deal for free pencils for the book publishers barcode servce.
> Post the link?

The URL is http://nibooks.org/

Since comics (esp Graphic Novels) count as publications, the NI
Publishers' Resource is a natural place to start.



Jul 28, 2011, 9:08:26 PM7/28/11
to comicsbarcampbelfast
Very good. Did you mail them yet? Joke, Bruce. I know you're busy with
TitanCon. As for the rest of you...

There's an active thread on Planning which might muster some
enthusiasm on the objectives of Barcamp. If it fires you up, we'd
appreciate it if you talk to your employers and colleagues about
sponsoring Barcamp. Word of mouth can do wonders.

At this stage, it's a priority. There are emergency planning chats
over at http://www.irishcomicnews.com during the weekend.

I consider myself a rookie when it comes to funding. I dropped a line
to the man at Reads/Reids Belfast and the manager of the Easons in
which it's located.
I've uploaded the letter at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5470073/Sample%20Barcamp%20Sponsorship%20Letter.doc
if you wish to use this as a template, please remember to edit it.
Has anyone any advice to give?

Some barcamps have approached sponsors with tiered funding. Structure
might be in order here.


Aug 5, 2011, 10:48:14 AM8/5/11
to comicsbarcampbelfast
Good news is Blick has cut our fees down to £75. God bless em. There's
also a Indiegogo page which you can make individual or corporate
contributions through.

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