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Nathan Hwang

Sep 27, 2011, 10:22:39 AM9/27/11
Hey guys!

If you have time and printer pages (100/week for Columbia students),
you should totally print out a copy or two of the following HPMOR
book, which is one of our publicity long plays. (~500kb)

* Removed Less Wrong reference: might be offputting to some
* Didn't copy over the snapping fingers, was being lazy
* Tried to make it obvious someone didn't just forget it there
* Added the "find out more!" last page
* Going underground is easy: just rip out the back page ;P

Feedback on changes would be nice.

Each book takes 34 pages, which means people can print at most 2 books
a week: maybe as many as 2.9, maybe less.

I'm binding the books (example
<>), so once
the pages get to me, you don't have to do anything.

Tips and tricks:
- Do print double sided, yes yes yes
- Make sure you're printing double sided the right way. Go into
printer options, and print it flip-wise. Maybe print 5 test pages to
make sure you got it.
- Printing an entire book at a time seems to make the toner splotchy:
you should definitely either find a printer good on toner, or print in
small (10 page?) batches and check quality
- Don't bend the pages down the middle (so that it looks like a
proto-book): we did this in the first batch, and it made slicing and
dicing harder than it had to be.

If we want, we can have a printing party somewhere that has lots of printers.

Also, if you have ideas about where the books will have the most
impact, throw in your cents. My notes so far:
* Lounges for departments seem okay: I know the one I put in the EE
lounge survived for a few days
* Cafeterias less so: it seems that they clean out the entire place
2x a day, book didn't survive the night
* Cafes?
* Dorm Lounges?
* ???


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