Base stations with multiple sectors

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Conrado Boeira

Oct 4, 2022, 8:01:47 PM10/4/22
to Colosseum Users
Good afternoon, Colosseum team

I am trying to instantiate a base station on Colosseum with 2 sectors instead of a single one. For this, I have changed the rr.conf file following the srsRAN docs found on (I am also sending a copy of the configuration file used attached to this message). I instantiated 2 containers in Colosseum and I have one running both srsepc and srsenb and another as the ue ( I have also started the colosseumcli scenario number 1018 with the -c flag). However I am facing a problem where the user is not able to attach to the base station (The same code executes correctly if I remove the second sector from it). My initial suspicion is that I need to configure the UHD to use multiple ports (a pair for each sector) and I do not know the interface to tell the device to do such.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem? Is multi-sector base stations something I can do inside Colosseum or is it not supported at all?

Thank you very much!

Conrado Boeira

PhD Student, PINet Lab, Dalhousie University


Leonardo Bonati

Oct 5, 2022, 6:45:14 PM10/5/22
to Colosseum Users
Dear Conrado,

I have not tweaked the rr.conf file myself but my guess is that the UHD driver still points toward the same USRP, which is used with two transceivers. Looking at the enb.conf file used by Charm I notice this line which I have not noticed in regular configurations:

| device_args = fail_on_disconnect=true,id=enb,tx_port0=tcp://*:2101,tx_port1=tcp://*:2201,rx_port0=tcp://localhost:2100,rx_port1=tcp://localhost:2200,id=enb

Have you tried to use the Charm configuration and software as is, instead of only importing selected files (maybe also with a different scenario)? For concerns specific to Charm the best way would be to contact the authors of the paper directly.


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