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Conrado Boeira

Jun 7, 2022, 4:35:33 PM6/7/22
to Colosseum Users

Good afternoon, Colosseum team

We have been using Colosseum to run 5G experiments with Scope. We currently want to experiment with Handovers between cells and sectors of the same cell. We have decided to start with the latter, as the srsRAN/srsLTE documentation points to it being natively supported in version 20.10 or later.

We tried to follow the tutorial presented in https://docs.srsran.com/en/latest/app_notes/source/handover/source/index.html#s1-handover on top of the provided Scope container, however, although the user seemed to successfully attach to the base station, no connection could be established while using Iperf.

We then noted that Scope is running srsLTE version 20.04. Our next step was to try to manually update the version by installing srsLTE 20.10 in the ~/radio_code/srsLTE directory (while keeping the extra files from ~/radio_code/srsLTE/config_files). This lead to problems as we could not run Scope with this configuration.

We think this was due to the changes made to the original srsLTE code for it to execute with Scope. We would like to know specifically which modifications were done to the srsLTE so we can replicate in a newer version (20.10) of the software. Specifically, any solution to the above mentioned problem?

Thank you so much!


Conrado Boeira

PhD Student, PINet Lab, Dalhousie University

Leonardo Bonati

Jun 14, 2022, 1:00:49 PM6/14/22
to Colosseum Users
Dear Conrado,

SCOPE has been heavily modified to include additional capabilities and several files have been modified/written. That said, a git diff with srsLTE v20.04 (on which SCOPE is based) should give a sense of the modifications implemented.

Anyway, your error of UEs not connecting to the BS makes me wonder if the scenario is running properly on Colosseum. Please make sure you started it in cyclic mode with colosseumcli rf start <scenario-num> -c (e.g., colosseumcli rf start 1009 -c).


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