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Welcome to Colosseum Users Group!

This is a users mailing list for the Colosseum Wireless Network Emulator. All questions related to the use of containers and scripts for Colosseum, and/or the development of new toolchains, codes, and emulation models for Colosseum are welcome.

Posting to this group should follow these guidelines.

The technical documentations, users FAQs and tutorials are available on Colosseum Knowledge Base website. That should be your first reference. So, please "search" and "consult" the Colosseum Knowledge Base articles before you ask!

If you cannot find the answer to your question in Colosseum Knowledge Base, first "search" here since your question might have been already asked and answered by other users.

If no answer comes up, take the time and formulate your question carefully. Give meaningful subject line, because most people just scan the subject lines. If it does not catch their attention, they will just skip your question and it will go unanswered.

If your question is unrelated to a topic or message please "do not" reply to that message and change the subject line, because the archiver will attach your message to that unrelated thread. Create a new message instead.

If you are facing a technical issue related to Colosseum, and/or are not able to find or receive the answer to your question here, please contact Colosseum Helpdesk by creating a ticket here.

Note that this is a public discussion list and anything you post will be archived and accessible publicly. Group owners and managers do not moderate the posts, but will keep the right to delete any inappropriate posts.

Note: Users should use the same email address as registered in their Colosseum Freshdesk account to request to join this Google Group, otherwise your request will be rejected.