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G Ross

May 29, 2021, 6:47:58 PM5/29/21
to Colorado High Country 1200k
Fenders? Buddy flaps? Riding in the Pacific Northwest, I'm used to these, but it would be nice to skip them if long rainy periods were pretty unlikely.
Are there any recidivists who'd like to share a gear list? I'm wondering especially how riders prepare for the remarkable temperature range we are likely to encounter.
Are there goat heads, Tribulus terrestris, in Colorado? I'm thinking of going tubeless, and this might push me over the edge.
Graham Ross
Portland, Oregon

Chris Argo

May 29, 2021, 8:14:09 PM5/29/21
to G Ross, Colorado High Country 1200k
Graham, I also thought a gear list from CHC Veterans or any 1200 veterans would be very helpful. John's info for riders list was quite helpful as well. I also found the blog with riders' stories from past CHC's inspiring and at the same time terrifying. There are stories of great camaraderie, fun, food, fellowship, massively strong headwinds, pop-up thunderstorms including 3" hail accumulations and temp swings of nearly 40 degrees in a day. Bottom line: this is going to be a fantastic experience and a massive challenge. I think I'll bring everything and decide what I can live without the day before and leave those items in my hotel in Louisville.

Hopefully, we can hear from other riders either experienced in the CHC or experienced in riding in the area!


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Jason Turner

May 29, 2021, 9:31:41 PM5/29/21
to Colorado High Country 1200k, Chris Argo, G Ross
Chris, Ross and other.

CHC veteran and I live near near the course. 

Personally I don’t use fenders although a few in the local Colorado RMCC members always use fenders regardless of the weather. My suggest is to check the weather leading up to the event and if you like fenders go for it. The app Epic Ride Weather is great at forecasting weather for long rides, even in the mountain passes. Attached is a sample from last week’s weather forecast from a  600k created by Epic Ride Weather. The 600k covered the first day of CHC plus some. The forecast was fairly accurate. Riding in the mountains can be challenging because of the quickly changing weather. For this reason be prepared for rain cooler temps and possible short burst of hail. 

Regarding goats heads, you should not encounter them along this course. Tubeless setup is not a problem. 


Chris Argo

May 29, 2021, 9:35:18 PM5/29/21
to Jason Turner, Colorado High Country 1200k, G Ross
Very helpful. Thank you very much. I would second Epic Ride Weather. Been using it for a couple of years and have found it to be excellent.


Tom Durkin

May 30, 2021, 9:31:13 AM5/30/21
to G Ross, Colorado High Country 1200k
Hi Graham, Great to hear you are CHC bound.
My experiences during the initial CHC in 2011 included thunderstorms with hail and torrential rain, early monsoons. As noted by others, check the forcasts.
Fenders were a nice addition, particularly with worms covering the road to Muddy Pass!. However, Vinnie commented on the lack of a buddy flap on the newly built bike.
I brought my usual wool and rain kit, and used the bivy bag twice.
One flat, no goat heads

Tom Durkin

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