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Jun 20, 2011, 1:39:34 AM6/20/11
to Colony Users
I read somewhere in your website that you have a JS implementation and
an initial Ruby port. Are they publicly available? I'm very interested
in having a look as i'm much more acquainted with this languages than


João Magalhães

Jun 21, 2011, 3:16:38 AM6/21/11
Hey Filipe,

We're currently in a very early stage of development for the colony ruby implementation :(, as for the javascript it's way more stable but still there's a lot to work in making it more server side centric and improving documentation.
Unfortunately I think both implementations are still not ready for user testing or even some hacking at least for people outside Hive, there's simply to few information on them.
If you just want to check the code you can grab the javascript "colony web" implementation from
, as for the ruby implementation is still private and we should be releasing as public once it becomes stable.
Hope this helps.


Filipe Gonçalves

Jun 21, 2011, 1:03:30 PM6/21/11
Thanks João.

I have a couple of questions, hope you can help me.

I'm trying to understand if colony is a good framework for our case.
We have an SaaS software for people to create online stores that is
based on multitenancy, so instead of a deploy per store we run
everything under the same system. For a while we have been thinking
about developing a plugin system because although there are some
features that are needed for everyone (catalog management, payments,
shipping etc), there are also many features that have to be tailored
for each store (example: sync with a third party inventory software
after an order is made). Ideally we are looking to do something
similar to the plugin architecture of shopify or facebook where the
3th party developers develop in whatever language they want and host
the plugins in heroku, google app engine or somewhere else.

Is colony a good framework for our case? Do you think it can fulfil our needs?

I don't expect a long answer. I'm just trying to see if this applies
to our case :)

2011/6/21 João Magalhães <>:

João Magalhães

Jun 22, 2011, 3:42:42 PM6/22/11
You're welcome Filipe :)

So... the "plugin" architecture of Facebook and Shopify is pretty much based on the extensive use of iFrames and html inclusion with system logic integration being done via de Facebook API.
This kind of architecture although cool (and easy) is not really the main subject of the Colony Framework (but of course you can do something like that using the web mvc plugin for colony)
Colony framework is all about modularity in application development itself as a comparison for software category you can check OSGI or MEF.
You can do a lot more with colony than you can with the kind of plugin architecture you're referring.
Check this video to se a bit of modularity applied to a web application Keep in mind this is just an old demo.

PS: So the short answer to you question is: YES you can do that... but you can also do a lot more :)

Hope this helps,

Please feel free to pass by our office so that we can talk a lot more about colony.
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