Mongrel2 + ZeroMQ integration

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Markus Gattol

May 26, 2011, 5:05:52 PM5/26/11
to Colony Users
Have you guys ever looked at integrating some messaging solution such
as ZeroMQ. If so, what about web servers such as Mongrel2 (which is
build around ZeroMQ).

I think that Colony and those two have common goals: abstraction,
modularity, scalability, OS and programming language transparency,
etc. It would be a shame to waste resources on both side we driving
parallel development of things that basically provide the same
features and have the same objectives.

Luís Martinho

May 27, 2011, 6:14:15 AM5/27/11
We've looked at it and ZeroMQ is indeed a very interesting project.
Simple, powerful API and they seem very focused on performance.

For us, Colony is about zero setup. It has to be get, develop, deploy.
A lot of technologies such as ZeroMQ aren't really focused on that. Some don't even have binaries for your target platform...

We work hard to keep our external dependencies low, very low. This way you can count on a platform rather than a series of patches. 

But keep in mind that Colony does try to:
1. Gather inspiration from best practices from other projects (we may not bring the technology inside, but we learn from it)
2. Integrate well with environments that use external technologies (we may not bring the technology inside, but we can build plugins to interact with it)
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