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Arioch //BDV/

Oct 22, 2009, 1:57:58 AM10/22/09
to Colibri Talk
Using Windows 7 \32 bit and having OOo Pro (
installed, i experience strange thing:
when i search for "calc" i get the calc.exe but not the OOo Calc. The
latter is listed in Sart menu and is found by built-in Start-Menu
search, so clearly miss on Colibri part.

I also installed MS CalcPlus ( -> search ->
calcplus), russian version.
Here it might be CalcPlus to blame, since it makes shortcut w/o "calc"
in its name and Start menu search also overlooks it. Yet however that
surely can be improved - let Colibri search Known Apps registry list
and here we are.

Christopher Schramm

Oct 22, 2009, 10:47:09 AM10/22/09
to Colibri Talk
OpenOffice is completely ignored by Colibri. Don't know why, maybe
there's something wrong with it's desktop.ini, but I've experienced
that for a long time with many versions of Colibri and many of OOo too.

Arioch //BDV/

Oct 29, 2009, 6:02:39 AM10/29/09
to Colibri Talk

Take the folder in start menu (to me it is "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ 3.1") and clear SYSTEM
file attribute from it.
You can do it via command line or with filemanagers like Total
Commander, Unreal Commander, Far, etc.

Close Colibri and launch it again to rescan folders.

OOo puts custom icon for its folder in Start Menu.
On Windows it is done by setting SYSTEM file attribute and placing
some file like desktop.ini or whatever (don't remember, played with it
few years ago)
Seems like Colibri fails to open folders with the SYSTEM file
attribute set, thus omitting all the shortcuts in the folder.

Clearing this attribute you loose custom icon on folder but workaround
Colibri bug.

Hope Colibri will fix it though.
Hope it also will not makeStart menu as the only source of programs
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