Coldspring 2.0 and Fusebox 5.5 (XML)

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Nov 20, 2013, 7:00:14 AM11/20/13
My app uses Fusebox 5.5 and Coldspring 1.2. I'm trying to migrate to Coldspring 2.0. In Fusebox_lexicon/coldspring/initialize.cfm there is the following block of code:

// set ColdSpring in this fusebox instance's application space 
    fb_appendLine('<cfset myFusebox.getApplication().getApplicationData().#fb_.coldspringfactory# = createObject("component", "coldspring.beans.DefaultXmlBeanFactory").init( defaultProperties="#fb_.defaultproperties#" )/>');    
    fb_.i = 1;
    // load all bean definitions
    for ( fb_.i = 1; fb_.i lte arraylen( fb_.verbInfo.beans ); fb_.i = fb_.i + 1){
        fb_appendLine('<cfset myFusebox.getApplication().getApplicationData().#fb_.coldspringfactory#.loadBeansFromXmlFile( beanDefinitionFile="#fb_.verbInfo.beans[fb_.i]#" ) />');

Now I know that coldspring.beans.DefaultXmlBeanFactory has now moved to coldspring.beans.xml.XmlBeanFactory, but the problem is that loadBeansFromXmlFile no longer exists.

Is there an equivalent in version 2.0? Should I be editing this file at all?


Nov 20, 2013, 9:31:16 AM11/20/13
I've rolled back to 1.2 for now.

Brian Kotek

Nov 20, 2013, 9:47:14 AM11/20/13
The file is basically now the default argument to XmlBeanFactory, but you can also set this outside the constructor. This may help:

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 9:31 AM, <> wrote:
I've rolled back to 1.2 for now.

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