[Coldbox 6.0.0] Coldfusion 2016 Async Error?

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Jan 5, 2021, 11:24:37 AM1/5/21
to ColdBox Platform
With the logging being tied to FusionContext  I keep getting errors on application fwreinit that accessing objects which have been disabled. 

I don't want to enable that on my production site but i can't find a way to disable this logging as it seems to be built into coldbox.

Should i just enable java objects in coldfusion admin or am I doing something wrong.

Permission denied for creating Java object: coldfusion.filter.FusionContext.
Access to Java objects in the ColdFusion package has been disabled by the administrator.  

54 : variables.pageContext = getCFMLContext(); 
55 : } else { 
56 : variables.fusionContextStatic = createObject( "java", "coldfusion.filter.FusionContext" ); 
57 : variables.originalFusionContext = fusionContextStatic.getCurrent(); 
58 : variables.originalPageContext = getCFMLContext();  

Brad Wood

Jan 5, 2021, 1:15:16 PM1/5/21
to col...@googlegroups.com
Since this is a core feature, I think it would be required for you to allow it in the CF admin.  Can you please enter a ticket for LogBox to try and detect when this setting is disabled and fall back?



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