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Daniel Topp

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Subject: [SCA-Northshield] Princess Sleeve tourney
Greetings kinsmen!

Her Stellar Highness has decided that She will hold Her Sleeve tourney at Warriors and Warlords on Friday afternoon. As She desires to expand the knowledge and artistic endeavors of Northshield’s populace, She has chosen a challenge for combatants. Each successive victory, fighters will be posed a trivial question about Northshield, its history, geography, order of precedence, etc. If the question is answered correctly, the combatant may choose their weapon style. If the combatant is incorrect, or cannot answer the question, the weapon style will be randomly chosen for them by Her Highness. If the combatant does not have an authorization for a randomly chosen weapon, they may default to single sword, or perform an artistic piece for Her Highness for another randomly chosen weapon style. The artistic piece may be, but not limited to, dance, poetry, song, or providing something made by your hand.

Answers to all questions posed to combatants may be found on the Northshield website.

Format will be a double elimination tournament. Number of passes to be determined the day of, based on entrants.

Sleeve MiC
Maestro Tomas 

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