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May 15, 2012, 7:34:33 PM5/15/12
to cogchar-users
Working towards a release of Cogchar 1.0.4, which is based on
following improvements now committed on SVN trunk:

Cogchar now fetching JME3/LWJGL libs using OSGi Bundle-NativeCode
manifests in ext.bundle.opengl.jmonkey, which are built directly
(using simple Maven pom.xml config)
from the JMonkey jME3-lwjgl-natives.jar.

JMonkey maven snapshot dependency updated using version of 2012-05-12;
no significant
impacts seen yet. This update automatically includes latest and
greatest native libs, thanks
to the improvement just noted.

Tested so far on Win x64 Java 6, across both deployment styles(OSGi
and Netigso/Netbeans). You can ignore OpenAL lib messages; we're not
using it and don't plan to soon, though we'll try to fix the load of
it just for giggles.

org.cogchar.bundle.opengl no longer tries to launch anything in its
bundle-activator. Instead,
that init is all done by the PUMA bundle (, or your
replacement application-enabling bundle.
This init approach is more robust and tidy; sorry we didn't get to it

WebUI based on Scala Lift framework is bundled in the Friendularity
project org.friendularity.bundle.lifter, which can be launched using
o.f.b.demo.liftoff. Lift supports duplex async AJAX, allowing
dynamic and responsive web interfaces. Lifter runs in same VM as our
other Cogchar+Robokind components, in both desktop and robot
deployments (and with or without 1) Robokind Workshop GUI framework,
and 2) OpenGL character rendering).

OpenGL character window now includes multiple viewports. Viewports,
cameras, and lights are now configured from RDF, with more V-world
features to come.

RDF behavior + trigger system contains trivial demo of inference using
Jena general reasoner (via Appdapter infrastructure). Note that
Appdapter also already supplies glue for an RDF + SPARQL repository
based on H2 + SDB, so we aim to swoop around and pick up that thread
presently. But first we are gonna try to re-activate a little thing
called gaze behavior...

Lots of compatible progress on the Robokind + JFlux projects, as well,
so the whole kitchen is starting to smell a lot more yummy. Come
have a sniff of svn source! Or...wait for the maven-central binary
releases. The choice is your'n!

Alex van der Peet

Apr 18, 2013, 2:34:28 AM4/18/13
Hi Stu,

You mention it runs on Win x64, should we even be trying to get anything running inside Ubuntu? Because that was my understanding up until now.

Take care,


Matt Stevenson

Apr 18, 2013, 11:14:57 AM4/18/13
It has all been tested in Windows and Ubuntu.

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Matt Stevenson.
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