Updating instructions posted Feb 2 for "EZ-to-run demo user project showing Cogchar and Robokind, working together "

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May 15, 2012, 7:47:45 PM5/15/12
to cogchar-users
Correcting the instructions I posted on Feb 2 on this list with
"EZ-to-run demo user project showing Cogchar and Robokind, working

> 2) SVN-checkout the trunk for Friendularity.org. But wait, you're not going to build it *all*, no:
> 3) Use Maven to build just the org.friendularity.bundle.demo.ccrk project

In practice, at present, you are better off building the entire
Friendularity project using the
root pom.xml. It will pull in the correct versions of Robokind and
Cogchar (and other projects)
for you. Then you can run the o.f.b.demo.ccrk.

Press "h" in the OpenGL window for some crude keyboard help. "h"
again and help disappears.
There are a lot of new features referred to by the help, some of which
will be missing if you
don't have a Zeno robot avatar. We are working on simplifying and
clarifying this setup for
our open source users.

Still have to kill the Java VM when you're done playin.

If you instead run o.f.b.demo.liftoff, then you will get the same
OpenGL demo, plus a (Lift-based)
WebUI accessible at http://hostname:8080/test_lifter/

This bundle also "needs killin", if you will, when you're done.


May 15, 2012, 7:50:34 PM5/15/12
to cogchar-users
Why the heck can't Google-groups word-wrap my posting the

same way it looks when I type it *on the freakin Google-groups

website*? Arrggh, sorry about the readability of last instructions.

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