Progress on deploying+using JMonkey3 jars in Maven central snapshots repo; new trivial demo project added

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Dec 15, 2011, 3:17:33 PM12/15/11
to cogchar-users
The JME3 nightly build snapshot code (for 2011-12-15), which has just
been delivered to the MavenCentral snapshot repository here:

Existing Cogchar projects have *not* been updated to use these new
snapshots. That update should happen in coming days/weeks. But
meanwhile, if you pull down this new project folder (with your SVN
client): should be able to build and run it, without any rigamarole.
(Easiest way is to open the project in Netbeans 7, then "clean and
build", then "run"). Maven will automatically download the required
JMonkey libs from the snapshot linked at top of this message. This
takes awhile (It's about 70MB of jar files), because the
org.friendularity.demo.jme3.maven project includes *all* JMonkey jars
as dependencies in its pom.xml file.

After a successful maven build, running the LaunchJME3TestChooser
should launch the JME3 demo chooser program. For starters, try
selecting one of:


Press ESC to exit the demo you're running. Some demos may hang or
crash, that's normal, don't sweat it.
The demo process can get kind of tired after you've launched a bunch
and quit out of them, so exit/kill the process and start it again to
retry any demos that appear to fail on the first try.

The pom.xml file with all the dependencies is here:

You can copy-and-paste from this dependency list into your own
project's pom.xml. (Don't forget the "repository" tag for sonatype-
public, or else maven will not be able to find the snapshots).
Downloading all these jars takes a while (about 70MB), but this is
only done when you rebuild your local repo (or when there are updates
in the central snapshots repo, which depends on how often the JMonkey-
Maven community (~= me) posts them, which we haven't decided yet ;-).
If you remove some of the dependencies from your pom.xml, then you
won't have to wait for Maven to download them...but then you won't
have them available at runtime, so some demos will throw exceptions,

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