Released javadocs and sources auto-published via Jarvana; upcoming release plans

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Feb 2, 2012, 2:43:37 AM2/2/12
to cogchar-users
During January we published some preliminary "released" versions of
Cogchar and Robokind
into Maven Central, via Sonatype's hosted Nexus-for-OSS deal, as we
had already been doing
for the Appdapter project. You can see the latest released binaries
(+sourceballs and docballs)
by searching Maven Central here:

(Just search on "cogchar", "robokind", or "appdapter").

As a side-benefit, the Javadoc jars found there are now being auto-web-
published by Jarvana,
at least for Cogchar and Appdapter.

I am not sure why the org.Robokind ones have not appeared yet, but
they should be
appearing on Jaravana soon, too.

These Javadocs are mostly bereft of comments so far, in these released
but now that we have verified they are publishable this way, we are
eager to
make the next versions much more exciting in the Javadocs dept. We
planning to get an incrementally more robust and fun version of the
OpenGL humanoid simulator with Robokind animation and speech features
more Javadocs, though we are focusing more of that work in the
Appdapter, so far)
released into Maven Central by the end of next week - Feb 10. Our
next planned
release after that is at the end of February.

If you think I should make this plan sound more official by citing the
version numbers, then
let me know. Also note that we will soon hire some heralds and buy
some purple velvet
cushions, with golden tassles, on which to display these precious
"released" jars!
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