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shirish शिरीष

Mar 29, 2018, 11:31:22 AM3/29/18
to datameet, cofsug, mail.maha...@gmail.com
Dear all,

Just wanted to share a twitter post I did a while back -


The only work I see is somebody tracing the whole path using GPS and
making tracepoints on Pune Metro route using leafletjs or something
similar as a layer.

Then the contractor just need to upload snapshots+GPS location and we
have a map of how work is progressing either on EOD (End of Day) or
EOW (End of Week) .

A side-benefit of the project could also be we would have stats of how
things are progressing which could be used for data visualization as
well as who the contractors are in case things go wrong either now or
in future.

It's probably the oldest idea in the world, especially if someone has
seen the 1994 Keanu Reaves movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111257/
. See the part where the police officers have an updated map of where
work is ongoing and not completed, this is a bit before the bridge
jump scene.

Of course that is/was 1994 in Hollywood and this is 2018 in Pune,
India but still comparisons can be made especially with foss tools
being available which were not there at the time the movie was made.

The route is already shared at http://www.punemetrorail.org/img/rout_map.jpg

but its a pretty down-scaled version so maybe a more fleshed out
version with GPS coordinates might be needed.

The only other map I could find out is from a gentleman called the metrorailguy


which uses googleapis which I have found to be pretty inconsistent in
many case, especially for finding places.

I am open to be part of a mapping party if somebody who either has the
need or/and expertise to lead the project. I do have osm on my phone.

I do know Nikhil tried in the past something similar with the PMC bus
routes but for number of reasons outside of his control couldn't get
much traction.

This is a much more easier problem to deal as there are not as many
routes as PMC has so if students do decide to do it, they would have a
much easier time with it. Abhijit and Nikhil could be good guiding
lights for the smallish project.

Shirish Agarwal शिरीष अग्रवाल
My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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shirish शिरीष

Mar 31, 2018, 1:57:18 AM3/31/18
to data...@googlegroups.com, cofsug, mail.maha...@gmail.com
Reply in-line :-

On 31/03/2018, Devdatta Tengshe <devd...@tengshe.in> wrote:
> Hi shirish,

Dear Devdatta,

> I'm not quite sure, on exactly what you are suggesting. Making the
> Application is not that difficult. It may be a few hours work for someone
> who is used to the libraries and web-gis development. The hard part is
> keeping it updated. If we have buy-in from Pune Metrorail, and figure out
> how they will update it, then we can proceed accordingly.

The point is, is there somebody who has that sort of expertise and be
willing to give his/her time to a project. Also if people from college
take it up it would be much more doable. It would also enable
distribution of the said knowledge.

Having more people learning about osm would be a good thing IMHO.

Secondly, pune metro regularly does what it says metro samvaad where
they are open to people who come up with suggestions as well as
concrete implementation details.

The most recent samvaad they held was in MIT just few days ago -


The possibility of the buy-in should be high as they already advertise
the on-going work on their twitter feed
https://twitter.com/metrorailpune and most 10k phones already have the
GPS sensor built-in. Even the raw data for web-gis should also be in
public domain as they did make a DPR which was approved by the center.
Whoever takes the photo already might be uploading to some
semi-automated upload or web api hook to post for the twitter feed.
They might just be downscaling the picture and removing the GPS
locator info. although twitter also does remove GPS location details
for privacy concerns IIRC.

As far as I understand it, there is a team in Nagpur which does all
the front-end and back-end web development work but haven't heard
anything from them till date.



It is a pretty detailed report but then the DPR was made by Delhi
Metro Rail so was perhaps expected to be thorough. I was not able to
see if they had shared any GPS coords though.

[slightly OT]

AFAIK Pune Metro has been trying to keep sanctity of the DPR as far as
the route is concerned. In fact, in one of the threads on the twitter
feed I read about one of the places where the foundation for the
pillar was not the usual hard rock they have been lucky to find in
most of the places and they dumped whole lot of cement and other
expensive strengthening material before the pillar would be erected.
AFAIK the pillars are supposed to be strong enough to take the whole
load of the metro cars, driver cabin consist but then I'm no civil
engineer :)


> Regards,
> Devdatta

shirish शिरीष

Apr 6, 2018, 3:56:01 AM4/6/18
to data...@googlegroups.com, cofsug, mail.maha...@gmail.com
In-line :-

On 05/04/2018, Nikhil VJ <nikh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,

Hi Nikhil,

> Go ahead, get officials on board (unless you're asking for someone who can
> do that too in which case I'll wait with you), get the data rolling in. The
> code will come. It will all start when a sample file(s) carrying the format
> is shared.

If somebody who has something of something similar with sample.

I have seen enough of the discussions of data with various wards etc.
on the ML that it is
difficult or impossible to imagine that something similar to what I
have proposed has not
been by people in Pune before for some other project.

As I shared before, if somebody even has a mockup we can use it to
meet mahemetro officials in the metro samvaad which are held

I have seen several people coming by themselves with suggestions,
plans, alternative plans sharing architecture work done earlier just
to show what they are capable with.

From mahametro's perspective I think they would have some concerns as in :-

a. How much control would mahametro would have in sharing public and
private data ?

As a novice user of OSM, I believe this can be handled by having a
private instance of OSM bridging parts of public data layer with main
osm for public tiles. This should achieve the twin goals of openness
and transparency while maintaining secrecy concerning parts where
contractors need to have access and share data.

b. What sort of budget would be needed for such an undertaking and for
how long would the service would be given ?

This is where Devdatta would probably need to come up with some
figures or something. It doesn't need to be gratis as the data would
need to be constantly updated and also has to be maintained for number
of years. OSM changes, database changes and even people who would
access to data or not would need to be factored in.

If the nagpur team would want to take the maintenance work then the
charges for training them etc.

They do have a full-time web-developer team in nagpur but I dunno
about how much they know about free software, better public practices
with open data and so on and so forth.

> And speaking of bus project.. small announcement coming soon :)

Looking forward to that announcement, that will be a great day for
people like me who specifically use public buses when it suits me for
safety purposes :)

Probably a good idea to meet and discuss about it might be fossmeet 2018 .

I probably will come in tomorrow full day


and probably will attend the later part of the day on Sunday .

I have been to quite a few metro samvaad's in the past and people
generally give their proposals with budgets etc. at the end of the
metro samvaad to Mr. Dixit and team and have discussions with his

If somebody can do the work, we just need to ask the project team for
some time and probably convince them this is a better way then
probably some other competing product.

I am sure both you and Devdatta could share his expertise on this.

Lastly, Nikhil and Devdatta, my cell number is the same . 91-976-333-0874

> --
> Cheers,
> Nikhil VJ
> +91-966-583-1250
> Pune, India
> Website <http://nikhilvj.co.in>
> DataMeet Pune chapter <https://datameet-pune.github.io/>
> Self-designed learner at Swaraj University
> <http://www.swarajuniversity.org>
> Contribute <https://www.instamojo.com/@nikhilvj/>
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