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shirish शिरीष

Mar 29, 2018, 9:21:43 AM3/29/18
to Pune Linux Users' Group, cofsug, datameet
at bottom :-

On 27/03/2018, Skool!lookS <> wrote:
> In a quick search...
> I find it really interesting to note that following the Spirit of GPL
> and copying after giving due credit, CofSuG has in no place mentioned
> PLUG anywhere.
> Why this double standard from Champions of FOSS?
> Shirish शिरीष,
> "We Bow Thee". Please enlighten us on this matter. Your opinions are of
> high value in our progress here at PLUG.
> In my opinion, they have on number of occasions drawn/sought help from PLUG.
> Just the fodder for Tomorrow, The 28th.
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Dear Guru/skoollooks,

I took a day out before answering as I usually do when I feel getting
ticked off.

Well, I do not find any inconsistency because both are distinct
identities from each other. PLUG used to be the mainstay when there
was nothing else. They were a law unto themselves which sort of
accentuated the sort of limbo they are in. By this I meant the
moderation on e-mails. Have been a moderator in many a groups and
while do know it can be a stressful job, PLUG effectively killed what
could have been a truly community oriented organization, more than

And this is when PLUG generated most mails in October 2007 according
to plug's archive own data -

I wish I had more detailed data hence have cced datameet. Maybe if
PLUG wants they could work with datameet and we could have more of a
visual dataset than currently we have.

mini-proposal - If somebody wants to do a small project, they could
try to get PLUG's mail archive data dump and do all sorts of data
visualization to show and share the frequency of e-mail archives.

My main argument is they could have done whole lot better. Globbing
rules for mailing list have been known at least since 2008 or even
earlier - see the date - According to both
google and the first instance or sharing about globbing
was in late 2002 -

Just to be doubly sure I also checked spamassassin (one of the more
popular tools to check spam on email lists) and it was in debian since
its initial release 2001 and hence was in Ubuntu in 2004 if that is
what the moderator used or could have used to moderate emails if they
wanted to.

Of course what to moderate and how to moderate is PLUG's own thing.

cofsug was founded and from what I did gather in the earlier days they
did try to have their blessing when they were doing their first event
and PLUG didn't show any interest in it.

You should have also asked this question when GNUnify is held, why
didn't PLUG talk about cofsug

I find it doubly standard on PLUG's part as well not to talk of any
other organization and then another organization is making they want
their name should have been there.

So whatever or wherever cofsug has come up with, it is with their own
organizational skills and acumen.

FWIW, as far as the individuals are concerned, all of them do know
each other and are friends with each other but that doesn't mean they
need to have each other blessings in any way.

Disclaimer - I may be partly biased as I have had taken part in
cofsug's activities in the past.

Lastly, from the speaker's lineup quite a few speakers were either
part of SICSR or have engaged in PLUG one time or the other.

Thankfully, for being busy and not also keeping up with my health as
much, I didn't send a proposal for fossmeet this year otherwise would
have been in conflict of interest :)

Sorry for the long-winded email, but not really :)

Shirish Agarwal शिरीष अग्रवाल
My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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