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Lucas De Marchi

Sep 30, 2011, 10:16:57 AM9/30/11
to code...@googlegroups.com

I'm announcing codespell 1.2. It's a really small release , but it's
been 3 months from the previous one. Since it's very small, this time
there are no -rc releases.

Besides the usual changes to dictionary, there are some new features:

1. There's an option to use chardet for encoding detection. If your
code base has mixed encodings, other then utf-8 / ascii / iso8859-1,
this is a nice addition since it will be able to properly detect the
encoding. I kept the other one as default because utf-8 is the most
used encoding (at least in source code) and chardet is much slower
than my hackish encoding detection (from my benchmarks, ~10 times).

2. Skip files that match a pattern. One issue with codespell when
running in recursive mode is that it would try to fix whatever file is
not inside .svn/.git dirs. It can ignore binary files, but there are
some text files that we are better not patching: *.eps, cscope.out,
*.svg etc. Now there's an option to skip them accepting globs:
codespell.py --skip "*.eps,cscope.out,*.svg".

3. Makefile to ease the integration in distributions. I created a
package for Archlinux using it

Welcome to a big open source project using codespell: I was told
Django is being patched. I'm glad to know it's working with languages
other than C :-)

As usual, you can download the package for the new version at
ProFUSION's server:


Below is the shorlog since v1.1.

Lucas De Marchi

Glen Barber (1):
dict: add "enthousiasm->enthusiasm"

Jonathan Neuschäfer (3):
dict: add "appropriately" based on "appropriate"
dict: add appropriatness->appropriateness
dict: add appropriatly->appropriately

Lucas De Marchi (17):
dict: add actived->activated entry
dict: add boradcast->broadcast entry
dict: add inaccesible->inaccessible entry
TODO: add task to exclude paths
TODO: add makefile task
Add Makefile
TODO: add task to integrate chardet
Move encoding detection to its own function
TODO: Add option to ignore big files
Add option to use chardet for encoding detection
Don't init chardet if it's not being used
dict: add openin->opening entry
Add missing spaces in description
codespell itself
Add option to skip paths matching glob
TODO: remove unneeded task
codespell 1.2

Peter Huewe (1):
dict: add constructes->constructs, initilize->initialize entries

Tobias Brunner (2):
Show and return words in the proper case in interactive mode.
Allow words with different case on one line, but ask the user only once.

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