Codespeed 0.8.1 released

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Miquel Torres

Jun 29, 2011, 5:00:51 PM6/29/11
Hi all!

after the release of the long-in the making 0.8 version, Stefan sent
several pull requests that include lot of quick fixes and features he
had developed in his fork. Many thanks!
Some of the problems reported by Chuck (he has set up were at least partly addressed by 0.8.1: the
changes view layout, the timeline grid taking too long to load with so
many benchmarks (new settings option for avoiding that) and storing
results taking too long (new sample script to use the JSON API call,
which should be much quicker).

Here is the whole change log:

* NEW: Settings option to select the default benchmark in the timeline
view. Grid is also not default when there are more than 30 benchmarks.
* NEW: Added save_multiple_results, an example script that saves data using JSON
* NEW: Stefan Marr added support for browser-button navigation on timeline
* FIX: Stefan Marr improved the GitHub plugin
* FIX: Improvements in the Changes View layout that prevent
overlapping in some cases
* FIX: Stefan Marr fixed a bug where links to a changes view revision from the
timeline view would not work because they used short commit ids
* FIX: Stefan Marr prevented some infinite loops caused when results
were equal or less than 0

Stefan Marr also added a new feature "Equidistant plots on the
timeline". It has some problems though, so ignore it for the moment.

Looking to the near future, Frank's Django app refactored branch is
waiting to be merged, and Danilo has progressed a bit with the GSoC,
finding a way to render error bars with jqPlot.

Good progress made overall and exciting things to come!

Frank Becker

Jun 30, 2011, 3:23:25 AM6/30/11
On 29.06.2011, at 23:00, Miquel Torres <> wrote:


Congratulations and also congrats to the new machine.



Miquel Torres

Jun 30, 2011, 3:49:02 AM6/30/11
Well, I would say, the new machine!

This is quite good, as the goals and needs of and should be quite similar, so Codespeed should be able
to grow to serve both projects well.

2011/6/30 Frank Becker <>:

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