Podspec dependency does not define modules

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Oct 5, 2020, 8:02:00 AM10/5/20
to CocoaPods
Hey all,

So it's my first time trying to write my own Cocoapods library and using a .podspec.
Is it possible to include other Cocoapods as dependencies? I am trying to include MaterialComponents as a dependency in my .podspec like this:

       spec.dependency "MaterialComponents", "~> 113.0.0"

But I get the following error and am not sure how to resolve it:

$pod lib lint --use-libraries
  -> CommonIos (0.0.1)
      - ERROR | [iOS] unknown: Encountered an unknown error (The following Swift pods cannot yet be integrated as static libraries:
The Swift pod `CommonIos` depends upon `MaterialComponents`, which does not define modules. To opt into those targets generating module maps (which is necessary to import them from Swift when building as static libraries), you may set `use_modular_headers!` globally in your Podfile, or specify `:modular_headers => true` for particular dependencies.) during validation.

I am not sure where to add `use_modular_headers!` into my podspec. Is it even possible to include MaterialComponents as a dependency? Any help with this would be great.



Oct 10, 2020, 6:39:45 AM10/10/20
to CocoaPods

update you cocoapods  and  run `pod lib lint --allow-warnings`, Don't add --use-libraries
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