pod repo push found multiple specifications error

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Fan Zhou

Mar 17, 2022, 5:15:58 AMMar 17
to CocoaPods
Hi cocoapods support,
We have an urgent issue we hope to get assistance on.

I created a module named Analytics, and in cocoapods public repo also exists a module called Analytics.
Then I created another module named Feature, and in  Feature.podspec,  contains dependency  spec.dependency  'Analytics', '~> 1.0'.
in my main app, I can use pod 'Analytics', :source=>'my private repo git address' to avoid conflict.
but when I run command pod repo push MyPrivateRepoGitAddress Feature.podspec , it shows me:

[!] Found multiple specifications for `Analytics (1.12.5)`:- /Users/xxx/.cocoapods/repos/cocoapods/Specs/a/7/6/Analytics/1.12.5/Analytics.podspec.json- /Users/xxx/.cocoapods/repos/trunk/Specs/a/7/6/Analytics/1.12.5/Analytics.podspec.json
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