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Vadim Komisarchik

Jun 29, 2020, 3:03:00 PM6/29/20
I think Google hangouts work great in these kinds of meetings, but i'm cool with whatever you come up with. 


On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 2:30 PM <> wrote:
CocoaHeadsNYC <>: Jun 29 08:04AM -0700

Hello all. I hope everyone has been safe and healthy over the last few
months. We haven't had a meeting in about a year for a variety of reasons,
namely the birth of my daughter and then the global health crisis. But, I
think we should put an end to the drought if people are available. And
given the recent big announcement of Apple Silicon, I think we could have
some great discussions. However, I don't think we should actually gather,
so I think a virtual meeting would be a great thing to try out. So please
join us on July 9th for a virtual CocoaHeadsNYC meetup. We won't have a
designated speaker since I think WWDC should give us plenty to discuss in a
round table environment.
Also, if you feel comfortable, get your favorite beverage to enjoy during
the conversation and we can pretend we're back at Joe and Pats.
If anyone has any strong feelings on the technology to use to coordinate
this virtual meeting, feel free to chime in. We have several options, Zoom,
FaceTime, Messenger/Rooms, Slack?, etc.
Thanks, and I hope to see everyone next Thursday!
- Matt
Paul Kim <>: Jun 29 12:19PM -0400

I’m game. Techwise, I’d prefer to avoid Zoom. I’ve tried Google Meet before with good results and it runs completely in your browser. Or if everyone has Facetime, I’m ok with that as well.
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Demitri Muna

Jun 30, 2020, 4:02:32 PM6/30/20
I’m in! I’m also anti-Zoom, but it’s also really easy to install on my iPad and immediately delete without worrying that a foreign entity has installed a server to steal my cat photos.


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