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Andy Lee

May 11, 2018, 9:21:49 AM5/11/18
Enjoyed the conversation last night!

I belatedly thought of a hardware prediction for WWDC: the rumored Retina MacBook Air.  Ideally IMO it would be outwardly identical to the current Air except for the screen and basic spec bumps.  Knowing Apple, though, they'll probably mess it up by reducing ports, getting rid of MagSafe, and adopting the stupid arrow key layout they're currently using everywhere *except* on the Air.  

The number one thing I'll look for is what they do to the keyboard.  If they leave it exactly as is then this would be my top recommended laptop.  If they adopt the same keyboard as the rest of their product line (seems likely) AND they explicitly say they've fixed the failing keys issue then I'll be cautiously optimistic.  If they adopt the new keyboard but say nothing then it could possibly be a year before I trust the keyboard.

To be even more pessimistic, I could imagine them going in the opposite direction and instead of enhancing the Air, dropping it altogether.  And dropping the Mini while they're at it.

Wish I'd thought of this last night!


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