Followup from Cocoaheads Sept 2018: What's new in iOS 12.

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David Phillip Oster

Sep 21, 2018, 1:31:55 PM9/21/18
to CocoaHeads - Silicon Valley - pretty link to models for augmented reality in Apple's use of Pixar's usdz file format. The tools link on that page leads to .zip that unpacks to a directory of samples and a python script that wraps a Mac compiled binary from the public USD Github repository. A usdz  file is a zip of a .usdc file and its assets.

More on ARKit at (Integrating Apps and Content with AR Quick Look)

neural engine - This looks like its a marketing term. A search of Apple's programmer documentation turns up:

That is, layered neural networks implemented as shader code running in Metal.

Natural language recognition using machine learning:  - Apple's new A12 chip that includes the link to the ARM 8.3  pointer authentication stuff. - This is the one to read. I hadn't read it at the meeting.

The best discussion I've found on ARM 8.3 pointer authentication: the compiler generates function prologs so when a function is called normally the return address on the stack gets mangled with encryption, and the function's return instruction is a new opcode that validates the encryption before returning. If an attacker crafts a pointer to jump into the middle of a function, then the RETA will try to decrypt, fail, and crash the app. - an article with Swift examples on Apple's  <os/log.h> os_log API, a higher performance replacement for NSLog().

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