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Irfan Sharif

Oct 17, 2018, 2:52:45 AM10/17/18
to CockroachDB
What do the first letters for each of github labels stand for, if anything? A-core-kv, C-cleanup, E-intermediate, S-3-productivity, O-sentry
to pick a few. Is it just to keep it sorted?

Tobias Schottdorf

Oct 17, 2018, 5:22:55 AM10/17/18
to Irfan Sharif, CockroachDB
Hey Irfan,

they're only explained in an internal document unfortunately (don't really think that doc needs to be internal, but it's also out of sync so making it official would perhaps do more harm than good). Jordan, we should patch that up a little bit.

Here's a copy-paste from that doc that might answer your question:

Labelling rules;
  1. Every issue should have a C-ategory.

  2. Community or customer issues you’re triaging should get an O-support or O-community.

  3. Severe bugs should have a S-everity.

  4. When closing an issue (except after completing an implementation or fix), make sure it has an X-close-reason.

Optionally, you can use the other label groups as you see fit.

  1. Is an issue specific to a code area? Add an A-rea label.

  2. Does an issue or PR need a backport? Use the backport- label.

  3. Is an issue specific to a platform? Use a P-latform label.

  4. Does your team like to do time estimates? Make an estimate with a T-ime label.

  5. Is this an easy issue that an external contributor could do? Add an E-xperience label.

  6. Does this issue need special attention in the docs, that a release note will not satisfy? Add a docs- label.

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-- Tobias

Jordan Lewis

Oct 17, 2018, 9:48:38 AM10/17/18
to Tobias Schottdorf,,
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