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William Stein

Nov 6, 2019, 10:09:35 PM11/6/19
to CoCalc

Multifile LaTeX editing is now live, i.e., you can now reasonably edit
a latex document that \input's other files. You'll have to restart
your project (if it is running) before this works.

The user interface is initially (and with a single file) identical to
how it was before, except with some bug fixes. The difference is that
if you explicitly `\input` other files, then build, then there is a
new menu on the top of a text editor that lets you select from any of
the subfiles. Also, if you double click on the pdf on some latex
generated by a subfile, then that file is automatically opened. Also
things like errors/warnings have links that, when clicked, may open a
subfile. And forward search from subfiles works as it should. Saving
a subfile, saves all files and kicks off a build. If you switch a
frame to be a terminal and use the open command you can also open any
file (not necessarily one listed in the dropdown).


Best Regards,
William Stein

CEO, SageMath, Inc.
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