Error in the mgPipe tutorial

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Una Wu

Mar 1, 2023, 1:15:32 AM3/1/23
to COBRA Toolbox
Hello alls,
I  run the tutorial_mgPipe.mlx file successfully. When I change the abunFilePath='normCoverageReduced.csv' to  abunFilePath='normCoverage.csv' , the error occurs that showed follow:
Error using fluxVariability (line 248)
The FVA could not be run because the model is infeasible or unbounded

Error in buildModelStorage (line 98)

Error in mgPipe (line 101)
    [activeExMets,couplingMatrix]=buildModelStorage(microbeNames, modPath, dietFilePath, adaptMedium,
    includeHumanMets, numWorkers, pruneModels);

Error in initMgPipe (line 187)
[netSecretionFluxes, netUptakeFluxes, Y, modelStats, summary, statistics, modelsOK] = mgPipe(modPath,
abunFilePath, computeProfiles, resPath, dietFilePath, infoFilePath, hostPath, hostBiomassRxn, hostBiomassRxnFlux,
figForm, numWorkers, rDiet, pDiet, lowerBMBound, upperBMBound, includeHumanMets, adaptMedium, pruneModels);

the whole code I run as follow:
屏幕截图 2023-03-01 141308.png

What should I do to resolve the problem?

Thank you


Almut Heinken

Mar 1, 2023, 5:34:12 AM3/1/23
Dear Una,
could you try installing the IBM CPLEX solver and running fastFVA instead of fluxVariability?
Best regards,


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