Adding metabolites to a reaction using a dictionary

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Kristy Chang

Jun 1, 2022, 9:18:38 PM6/1/22
to cobra pie

I am stuck at this problem:
I have my reaction equation as a dictionary:
reaction= {'glu__L_c': -1.0, 'h2o_c': -1.0, 'nadp_c': -1.0, 'akg_c': 1.0, 'h_c': 1.0, 'nadph_c': 1.0, 'nh4_c': 1.0}
but when I do:
it gives a blank result and the following error:
TypeError: 'dict' object is not callable
or TypeError: Either add the reaction to a model or use Metabolite objects instead of strings as keys

How do I use metabolite objects as keys? (or rather, how do I convert my keys into objects?)

Dennis van den Berg

Jun 7, 2022, 7:05:38 AM6/7/22
to Kristy Chang, cobra pie
Hi Kristy,

To convert your keys to objects you can simple use {model.metabolites.glu__L_c:-1.0, model.metabolites.h2o_c:-1.0, etc, ect.}
Then you refer to the objects in your model, if you called it model at least. If you called it ecoli then use ecoli.metabolites.glu__L_c .
One warning: If your metabolite has a name which is illegal according to python use .get_by_id("string with name"), f.i. objects can not start with a number, so 4abz_c is not a valid name.
Then you do: model.metabolites.get_by_id('4abz_c'):-1.0 and it will work fine.

Good luck with your modeling,


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