El Paso county --- possible WESTERN GULL

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Mark Peterson

Jan 24, 2023, 12:46:58 PMJan 24
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I photographed what appears to be a 2nd winter WESTERN GULL at Big Johnson. The photo is not great (story of my life) but other than not showing the bill well it looks good. In the field, the bill looked large to me. If others have thoughts please feel free to comment.

Also of note were 13 Lesser Black-backed Gulls of all ages, 1st through 4th cycles, and adults.

Mark Peterson 
Colorado Springs


Jan 24, 2023, 3:07:26 PMJan 24
to Mark Peterson, Digest Recipients
Good afternoon Mark!
This last weekend I caught several flocks of these. Many said they look like California or Lesser Black-backed also.
Val Lightbody

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Dave Cameron

Jan 24, 2023, 6:53:09 PMJan 24
to Colorado Birds
Well, California and Lesser Black-backed will have yellow legs, and Mark's bird has pink legs....

Gregg Goodrich

Jan 25, 2023, 5:52:14 PMJan 25
to Colorado Birds
Looking at Sibley I see the 2nd Winter Slaty-backed Gull has pinkish legs and is the same length and wingspan. But the Slaty-backed is bulkier and has a darker back and more streaking on the neck and belly. The very white neck, belly and under tail all look good for Western Gull.

Gregg Goodrich
Highlands Ranch
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