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William Eden

Jan 19, 2023, 12:40:33 PMJan 19
The Bohemian Waxwings from the Eisenhower Park area were in my yard yesterday. Probably 60-80 Cedars, Bohemians and Robins.  Amazing!
Bill Eden

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Gregg Goodrich <>: Jan 17 04:51PM -0700

We tried for the Bohemian Waxings this morning but no luck at the Mamie
Eisenhower Park. Then driving by the Wellshire Golf Course we noticed a
large flock on the SW side of the course from Hampden. We parked on the NW
side of the course in the residential area. This flock is likely the same
one from just east of the Mamie Eisenhower Park.
I got a photo of the flock in flight. Printed the photo. Blocked it into 70
blocks. Counted the birds in each block. 823! My photo of my block count is
on the list. I looked at a lot of the birds in the trees before they flew
and could find only one Cedar Waxwing.
My first thought was 400-500. But wanted to find out exactly how many. Was
way to conservative on my initial estimate. Wonder if all these waxwings
will stick with this storm coming in.
Here is my list. No photographer photos, but group photos in trees, on the
snow and in flight.
Gregg Goodrich
Highlands Ranch
Paula Hansley <>: Jan 17 01:42PM -0700

There is a large flock of waxwings with at least 75 Bohemian Waxwings
about 150 m west of the Prospect Park bridge over Clear Creek now! Most
vocalizations I heard were from Bohemians.
Park at Prospect Park parking lot off of 44th Ave. They are along the trail
which goes along the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt in Jefferson County.
An amazing sight! I’ve never seen so many Bohemian Waxwings at one time.
Paula Hansley
Paula Hansley
Petrographic Consultants International, Inc.
Ph: 720-890-2628
Sharon <>: Jan 17 08:34AM -0800

The title of the DFO program on January 23 has been updated. The new title
Cranes: Ambassadors for Conservation
Everything else about the program is the same. Rich Beilfuss is the
presenter and the description of the talk is accurate. Hope to "see" you
Sharon Tinianow
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