Bird Conservancy of the Rockies Chico Banding Station-May 31, 2023

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May 31, 2023, 2:22:19 PM5/31/23
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Ahhh, the last day of May.... Things are winding down and the breeding birds are stationed in their territories. Twelve species of birds captured today. I did hear a Black-throated Blue Warbler singing around the station before and while setting up nets but it did not sing or stay around much after that time- or it was quiet. Enjoy the last day of the month!
31 New Banded Birds
Yellow Warbler- 1
MacGillivray's Warbler- 1
Willow Flycatcher- 2 - both ran through the wing and bill measurements and able to key to WIFL!
Blue Grosbeak- 2
Mountain White-crowned Sparrow- 1 (late bird...)
Swainson's Thrush- 20
Lark Sparrow- 2
Bullock's Oriole- 1
Mourning Dove- 1 

8 this season recaptures
House Wren
Yellow Warbler
Lazuli Bunting
Gray Catbird
Swainson's Thrush- 4

Only two more days of spring banding and Friday the station will be taken down at the end of the session. Thanks again for all the volunteers, bird watcher and Ranchlands support! 

Julie Shieldcastle
Chico Basin Ranch Bird Bander
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
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