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This is interesting for independent candidates ... Cary

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Subject: New Website Offers Solutions, Candidate Resources for America's Biggest Problems

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Date: March 09, 2012







Website launches in light of serious voter discontent, bipartisan and big business failures;

 offers solutions to campaign finance, corruption, public education, national security and more


Washington, DC,  New York, NY, Miami, FL, Nashville TN, TheValentineAmendments.com, a comprehensive resource for independent candidates and voters who support those amendments, today announced the launch of their attempt at constitutional change.


The site, which launched on March 9 at 10am EST, aims to amend the United States Constitution through the election of independent candidates to every congressional, senate, state legislature and state senate seat up for reelection in the 2012 elections. In an election year when an inordinate number of those seats are up for re-election due to redistricting and congressional approval rates are at all time lows, the site could be setting the stage for the independent candidacy routinely contemplated by the national media and their guests, and perhaps in a far larger number.


For independent candidates wishing to run in support of the amendments and gain the required two thirds majority of the US House and US Senate and a majority in the state assemblies of two thirds (38) of the 50 states; the site gives state by state ballot access requirements, registration forms, a list of seats up for election, numbers of petitions needed to get on the ballot, the deadlines for those petitions, links to the registrars offices, even the names of the registrar staff who are helpful.


For voters, the site will offer the names of the independent candidates running for office in that voter's jurisdiction, petition forms from the registrar, and how and where the registrar allows the voters to petition for a given independent candidate. In addition to the traditional tools of collecting petition signatures, the site is giving individual voters the ability to visit their registrar's office or go online to petition the registrar individually for one or more candidates.


To put the amendments in context, the site has explanatory videos for each amendment which explain the myriad interrelationships among the problems facing America and the solutions proffered by the amendments. The videos feature the amendment's author, who's name is Valentine, standing in front of Nashville's full sized replica of the Greek Parthenon, the birthplace of democracy.

“To address voter discontent our site offers explanations of consistently popular amendments to our constitution, and the resources which will be needed by independent candidates to get on the ballot so they can elected and pass the amendments” Valentine explained. “Americans may wish to participate in their democracy when they know that effective, permanent change is possible from a simple visit to their registrar.”


Apart from election resources, the site offers a pop/rock song and an in-your-face music video in hopes of going viral on you tube, face book and other social media. Written, sung and produced by Valentine and recorded on music row using famous Nashville musicians, the professional sounding song, “Time for America,” speaks to the topics covered by the amendments. While the single is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other portals for the going rate, the website allows visitors to "Pay What You Wish", from nothing to up to any amount, which conceivably could be ANY amount. The site clearly discloses that they are NOT a charitable organization.


Nine more songs and related music videos are to rollout over the next several months concurrent with the roll out of additional amendments, twelve in total. Only the first five amendments are currently revealed on the site, while the headings only of the remaining seven are there perhaps to pique curiosity or spark speculation, including "The Banking System shall be Fair" and "Public Schools shall be Fulfilling".


About The Valentine Amendments

The Valentine Amendments seek to change the United States constitution. TheValentineAmendments.com seeks to help Americans who want these amendments to get candidates on the ballot in 2012.

For more information, please visit www.valentineamendments.com



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