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Welcome to the Coalition of the Willing!
The Coalition Movement started with the production of this film which proposes an interoperative framework for the coordination of the Climate Action movement. We're the group working to realize that vision.  We invite you to join us in a spirit of Open Stewardship.

The Coalition occupies several spaces for communication and action:
  • This mailing-list/google-group. It's not the best place for deliberation. Keep the discussion civil & assume good faith.
  • For the what-why-where of Coalition work, look to which functions as a routing-portal and a locus for some of the work. All group efforts should maintain an updated statement of current focus, channels and spaces of work and anything necessary to support orientation & keeping up-to-speed.
  • "BetterMeans" is where we coordinate our work: making proposals, endorsing & signing up for work, and tracking tasks.