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Guangliang Pan

May 23, 2011, 10:12:48 PM5/23/11


APNIC IPv6 Tracker: Great new tool just in time for World IPv6 Day

APNIC is launching a new tool to provide information on the IPv6
readiness of the websites in your network. It is a simple script that
utilizes Google Analytics to measure the visitors on both your and your
clients' websites.

The reporting will allow you to make better decisions on improving
IPv6 readiness within your networks. APNIC will produce a report on the
aggregate data collected from this tracker to help provide you with
information on the progress of IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific

To start tracking IPv6 capability today, visit:


World IPv6 Day

You may be aware that World IPv6 Day is on 8 June 2011. Content
providers and ISPs from around the world will be participating, and it
is open to anyone.

To find out more and how you can participate, visit:


As a content provider, APNIC will continue to ensure that our online
services are reachable over IPv6 before, during, and after the event.

For more information on our IPv6 activities, visit:



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