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la stela selckiku

Jun 8, 2009, 3:32:23 PM6/8/09
to cniglic
coi skaryzgik, are you still there? .u'u, I don't think I ever
noticed that you joined this group. I had forgotten entirely that I
even made this group actually. I was about to make a Schnigglish
group when, .ue, I found there alrerady was one.

I'm working .a'iro'e on putting together the whole ladder of Lojbanic
subsets that I've been imagining. I started a group for the first
rung, that I'm just calling COI:

Next soon I'll make .ai groups for Evidentialese and Discursivish.
This group is ca'e the fourth rung. Then next after here the fifth
rung is called the Color School, "la skari ckule", very simple, you
just learn the color words-- then you can use the colors along with
the emotion words to .a'u paint poems.

If you are listening, ju'i skaryzgik, I hope that you .o'eru'e are

mu'o mi'e la selckiku
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